Your Ultimate Guide to the PTE Academic Path of Success

Are you looking for a proficiency test that can prove your English skills? PTE Academic test is definitely your best choice if you want to study or migrate abroad. This computer-based language assessment exam is accepted as a proof of English proficiency by many institutions and universities worldwide.

PTE online review
PTE Academic Path of Success

Boost your PTE Academic preparation by following these four key points get started on your path toward PTE Academic success:

1. Before your test

Make a study plan – Enrolling in a PTE online review program is a great way to boost your critical thinking and language skills. During online review classes, you will understand the test format, question types, and even learn test-taking strategies to ace the PTE Academic test.

Practice! – Answer various mock tests to know which part of the test you’re good at and which part you must work on more intensively. Use available learning materials provided during your PTE review online sessions to develop your core communication skills.

Be prepared – Keep in mind the time and date of your test. Know the exact address of your test center. Don’t forget to bring your ID before going to the Pearson center.

2. On the day of your test

Condition your mind – Try to think in English. While traveling to your test center, listen to English songs or watch American talk shows or TV series. Doing these things will help you relax and condition your mind before taking the test.

Don’t be late – Arrive at least 30 minutes before your test to check in. Going to your test center ahead of time will help you check the PTE review online lectures and other learning materials before taking the PTE Academic test.

Talk to the test center administrators – Once you have arrived at the Pearson center, test center administrators will guide you through the process of the test.

3. During your test

To complete a PTE Academic test, you will use a computer and headset to answer various types of questions. During the three-hour test session, you will encounter the three main parts to the test: speaking and writing (together), listening, and reading test. There are 20 different question formats, ranging from multiple-choice questions to essay writing.

Since PTE Academic assesses real-life, academic English, you will read excerpts from lectures and reading passages. You will also hear a range of accents in the test including American and British accents, and even non-native speakers.

4. After your test

You can get the test results typically within 5 business days. Since PTE Academic test is accepted by thousands of universities, colleges, and government around the world, you can send your score to as many institutions as you like.

So what are you waiting for? Begin your PTE Academic journey today. Enroll now in any PTE online review program and subscribe to our blog for more study tips and strategies!

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