Writing 101: Thesis Statement

PTE Academic is a computer-based exam that measures an individual’s ability to communicate effectively using the English language. PTE Academic assesses if one has the basic knowledge and skills necessary to survive the life abroad.

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One of the basics that you need to know to aid your test preparation is how to formulate a thesis statement. Not only will this prepare you for the Writing section of the exam, but it will also guide you in creating academic compositions once you acquire your score goal in the PTE Academic test.

Thesis Statement

What is a thesis statement?

A thesis statement is composed of one to two sentences that express the main idea of your composition. The primary purpose of a thesis statement is to inform the readers about your claims and the main focus of your articles. It gives the reader an idea of what they will read as it provides direction on the development of your arguments.

It serves as a summary of your article. It articulates your ideas and helps the readers understand the purpose of your paper. Follow these steps to come up with an effective thesis statement.

  • Choose a subject
    Determine a topic that interests you. Make sure that your subject has social relevance. It is also important to consider its immediate application.
  • Narrow down your topic
    Write your main point. Your thesis statement should answer the significant questions. Furthermore, it must be specific. A thesis statement follows this basic equation:
    Issue + Claim = Thesis statement
    (what you plan to argue) (how you plan to discuss)
  • Indicate your position on an issue
    What is your stand on the issue presented? Your thesis statement must be arguable. Keep in mind that it must not only state the topic, but it should also reveal your position and how you plan to analyze the issue presented.
  • Communicate the significance of your topic
    Writing about the mundane and the already established facts reduce the originality and effectiveness of your composition. Identify the implications of your chosen topic by citing its social relevance.

Accomplish your PTE goal by mastering the essentials for each component. Learn more about how to improve your writing skills with the PTE review center in Davao.

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