What Does JRooz PTE Academic Review Center Have to Offer?

JRooz PTE Academic Review Center was established to cater to the learning needs of Filipinos who want to pursue their career in an English-speaking country. Here at JRooz PTE Center, we work hard to provide students with quality training and help them achieve their test score goal.

PTE Academic Review

Why choose JRooz PTE Academic Review Center?

Here at JRooz, our goal is to hone students’ skills and potentials and enable them to showcase their talents and abilities in their field of expertise abroad. We give importance to honing students’ ability to use English appropriately in any context. We want to develop not just the skills they need to ace the PTE exam, but to enhance their long-term abilities to meet the demands of the life abroad.

  • High Passing Rate

JRooz PTE Review Center is known for having the highest passing rate in the country. With more students entrusting their test preparation with us, we make sure that we produce competitive and highly abled individuals who can go over and beyond their score goal.

  • Excellent PTE Instructors

Our instructors are committed to delivering quality training to students. They undergo continuous training programs to understand the latest updates about the exam and ensure that students acquire the knowledge and skills required for the PTE exam. Furthermore, our instructors are well-trained to accurately diagnose individuals’ English proficiency at different levels: reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

Finding an affordable and quality training program is a challenge for many Filipinos. Hence, we developed training packages that welcome any individual who wishes to level up their English communication skills. Our review packages are tailored based on students’ learning needs and resources.

  • Convenient Training Locations

JRooz PTE Review Center has branches in different locations in the country to provide training access to individuals in the Metro and in nearby provinces. As of the moment, we are currently operating in Makati, Manila, Davao, Cebu, and Baguio.

  • Competitive Promos

We provide seasonal and occasional discounts on review fees to give chances to every individual who wants to enroll in our training centers. Aside from discounts, we also offer free assistance on exam registration to ease the process for students.

Take your career to a different level. We at JRooz PTE Academic Review Center are committed to helping you get the highest test score possible. Together, let us work on achieving your dream career abroad!

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