Understanding the PTE Exam Format

As the training center with the highest passing rate in the country, JRooz PTE Review Center consistently provides quality training to non-native English speakers who wish to pursue their career overseas. If you are aspiring to work, study, or migrate to an English-speaking country, gaining PTE certification will give you a significant advantage. Before you decide to take the English-proficiency exam, here is a brief discussion of the test format.

Understanding the PTE Exam

PTE Exam

The Pearson Test of English is a computer-based exam that assesses individuals’ core English communication skills: speaking, writing, reading, and listening. When selecting among PTE review packages, it is imperative that you carefully choose which test type you should take. There are three PTE test versions.

Three Test Versions

  • PTE Academic
    This version is designed for study and migration in English-speaking countries, such as Australia. It is accepted by universities, colleges, and governments around the world including Harvard Business School, INSEAD, and Yale.
  • PTE General Training
    This test is designed to reward positive achievement in English language learning. It consists of two parts: a written exam and an interview.
  • PTE Young Learners Test
    Formerly known as the London Test of English for Children, this test is designed to for children aged 5 to 12 years old. Their skills are tested to know how well they can use English in real-life contexts.

Test Format

PTE is a highly accurate computer-based exam that assesses individuals’ ability to communicate in any work, academic, or social context abroad. Hence, it is imperative that you choose PTE review packages that are tailored based on your learning needs and demands. To help aid your decision making, here is a brief discussion of each part of the exam.

  • Part 1: Speaking and Writing
    This section lasts for 77–93 minutes. It assesses your ability to speak and write in English using correct grammar and spelling.
    • The Speaking section includes reading texts aloud, repeating sentences, describing images, re-telling a lecture, and responding to a question.
    • The Writing section includes summarizing a written text and writing an essay.

  • Part 2: Reading
    This section lasts for 32–41 minutes. It includes multiple-choice, re-ordering paragraphs, and filling in the blanks.

  • Part 3: Listening
    This section lasts for 45–57 minutes. Questions are based on audio or video clips that automatically play. It includes summarizing a text, multiple-choice, filling in the blanks, highlighting accurate summary, selecting a missing word, highlighting incorrect words, and writing dictated texts.

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