Ultimate Tips for PTE Listening Test: Write From Dictation

PTE Listening Test: Write From Dictation

For this PTE listening task, you will be asked to listen to an audio recording, specifically a sentence, and then you must write the sentence exactly as you heard it. There are three to four items in this listening task, and you will only hear the recording once. This PTE Listening task assesses your ability to recall information in a short amount of time.

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The PTE Listening Sub-test: Write from Dictation consists of the following scoring categories:

• Understanding academic vocabulary;

• Following an oral sequencing of information; and

• Using the correct spelling of words and terminologies

As a test taker enrolled in a PTE review center Philippines, it is practical to look for a test-taking strategy that can help hone your exam preparation and ace this listening task. To help you achieve this, below are ultimate tips that can help you.

Ultimate Tips for PTE Listening Test: Write From Dictation

If you’re a student attending review classes in a PTE review center Philippines, read and follow these five ultimate tips for the PTE Listening—Write from Dictation:

Ultimate Tip #1: Read the instructions carefully

Before the audio recording plays, make sure that you have read the instructions. Doing this enables you to understand what you are going to do for this PTE listening task.

Ultimate Tip #2: Determine the meaning of each sentence

As you listen to the audio recording, focus on understanding the meaning of the sentence. Doing so will make it easier for you to remember the exact words in each sentence.

Ultimate Tip #3: List down critical points

While the audio is playing, you are allowed to take notes on the erasable noteboard provided during the listening test. Use a note-taking strategy to list down all key information in each sentence. During your PTE training, look for a note-taking technique that you can apply during the PTE Listening Test.

Ultimate Tip #4: Prepare your answers

When preparing for your answers, consider these two points:

• Use your notes as your guide when constructing each sentence.

• If you only remember two to four words from the sentence, combine them into a logical sentence.

Ultimate Tip #5: Check your answers

As you type your answers in the box provided, check for any grammatical, punctuation, spelling or capitalization corrections and revise them properly.

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