Top Tips for Re-Tell Lecture in PTE Speaking

Re-tell Lecture is the fifth task type of the PTE Speaking exam. Here’s how it works.

• The page has three parts: on the top is the instructions and below it are an image and an audio recording box,

• An audio recording will automatically play when you enter the page. The image is a supplement of the audio.

• When the speaker stops talking, you will have ten seconds to prepare your response. The audio recording box will indicate a 10-second countdown.

• The microphone will automatically open with a short tone when the preparation time ends. You have 40 seconds to relay your answer.

Make sure you’re prepared for this section of the test. Prepare with a JRooz PTE review center to answer accurate mock tests and get a taste of the Re-tell Lecture task type’s pressures and demands. Then, develop a test strategy. Consider the following tips.

PTE review center

1. Anticipate the audio.

Before you click next on the previous task, prepare yourself. Open your erasable booklet and have your pen ready on the surface. Anticipating the audio, which will play automatically once you enter the page, is the best way to ensure you don’t miss a single detail of the recording. Keep this in mind when you answer Re-tell Lecture practice exercises at your PTE Manila center.

2. Keep an eye on the recording box.

It’s a very informative tool. The recording box will tell you:

• How long the lecture recording is;

• How much prep time you have left; and

• How much time you have to record your response.

The recording box also displays its status. It will show:

• “playing” while the audio plays;

• “recording in (number of seconds)” during the prep time;

• “recording” while you’re delivering your response; and

• “recording complete” when the recording time ends.

So, keep an eye on the recording box during your relevant PTE review center sessions. Pay attention to the volume indicator at its right side when you’re relaying your response as well.

3. Consider the image.

As mentioned before, the image on the page is a supplement of the audio. It’s usually a chart, graph, or diagram summarizing the things that the lecturer discusses. Consider it during the 10-second prep time.

4. Maximize the recording time.

Don’t rush. Pace yourself and deliver your summary as clearly as possible. Remember, you can only record your answer once. Make it count. Cover all the key points of the lecture. Avoid hesitating, reiterating ideas, and correcting your mistakes. You will only use up your time. Keep talking until the recording time ends.

Come up with a strategy for the other sections of the PTE exam as well. Enroll in the JRooz review center for PTE in Manila to get an in-depth take of the test’s task types. Click here to learn more.

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