Top Tips for Personal Introduction in PTE Speaking

Personal Introduction is the first task type of the PTE Speaking exam. Here’s how it works.

• As its name implies, you’ll be tasked to introduce yourself in this section. A prompt will be provided, and you’ll have 25 seconds to read it and prepare a response.

•  You’ll have 30 seconds to record your introduction. You only have one chance to record your response.

•  This task type is not graded.

Just because it’s not scored, doesn’t mean that you can disregard this part of the test during your preparations. It’s the first part of the speaking exam. How well you deliver your response here will have a subtle influence on your performance for the rest of the exam. For example, if you buckle or stutter, it may affect your speaking confidence.

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Enroll in a top center for PTE review in Makati to answer an accurate mock test of this task type and practice the following tips.

1. Know what the introduction is for.

The personal introduction isn’t for the PTE examiner. It’s for the institutions that will receive your test results. PTE will send the recording together with your score report to the organizations that you selected. So, take it as an opportunity to share significant and relevant information about yourself.

2. Pre-formulate your response.

The speaking prompts are pretty predictable. Make this work to your advantage by coming up with a general template for your response during your PTE review center sessions. Your introduction must at least have your:

• Name

• Age

• City of residence

• Country

• Profession

• Place of study/work

• Purpose for taking PTE

• Hobbies

• Interests

You can only record your response once. Prepare a general response to make sure you cover all the task points.

3. Anticipate the microphone.

If you’re preparing with a center for PTE review in Makati and have answered a practice test about the personal introduction, you’ll know how nerve-wracking this part of the exam is. The 25-second prep time flies by fast. The same goes for the 30-second delivery time. So, you definitely can’t afford to miss a beat. To make the most of the response time, anticipate the microphone. It’ll release a beep to indicate that it’s recording. Be ready to speak as soon as you hear that sound.

4. Enunciate.

Don’t rush and don’t mumble. Don’t stop if you misspoke or mispronounced a word or two. The microphone will keep recording regardless. Focus on delivering your introduction as clearly as possible. Pace yourself. Don’t stop talking until you’re finished.

Set up your momentum for the PTE Speaking exam. Follow these tips to perform well in the personal introduction section. But, don’t stop with this task type.

Refine your approach to the other parts of the test as well. Enroll in a top PTE review center to learn more ways to elevate your performance and score high in the high-stakes exam.

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