Top Tips for Highlight the Correct Summary in PTE Listening

Highlight the Correct summary is the fourth task type of the PTE listening exam. It involves listening to an audio recording and selecting the paragraph that best condenses all its points from the provided options.

Despite its straightforward mechanics, it’s not as easy as it sounds. You can only listen to the recording once. And, the paragraph options are often tailored closely to the recording’s contents that it’s hard to pinpoint the right summary.

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Below are some tips and tricks that’ll enhance your performance in this listening component. If you’re taking PTE preparation online classes, your instructor will likely teach you some of them. Integrate these tips into your listening strategy.

1. Don’t read while you listen.

Remember, you can only listen to the audio recording once. You can’t pause or replay the material. So, focus on the recording first. Don’t even attempt to skim the options. Just get your pen and notepaper ready once you enter the page and anticipate the recording. Consider the choices only after the speakers are done talking.

2. Jot down notes.

No matter how sharp your memory is, you can’t rely solely on it when selecting the summary. Here’s why.

The choices are not exact passages from the recording. They’re rephrased and restructured versions of the audio’s contents. So, if you don’t understand the recording inside out, picking the wrong option is almost inevitable. Also, as mentioned before, the choices are tailored closely to the material’s contents. Selecting the right one is extremely tricky if you’re relying solely on your memory.

So, take down notes while you listen. If you’re a slow writer, develop your note-taking skills during your PTE online test preparations.

3. Analyze all the options before settling on one.

Don’t pick the first one that sounds right or shares extreme similarity to a passage in the recording. Read and analyze all of your choices. Then, consider your notes.

Eliminate all the options that are unlikely, irrelevant, or impossible. Select the one that best summarizes the audio based on your understanding and notes. Answer as much Highlight the Correct Summary practice tests during your PTE preparation online course.

4. Be methodical.

Listen to the recording, analyze the options, eliminate the ones that are unlikely or irrelevant, pick the best answer, and move on to the next item. Remember, the listening exam is time-bound. So, you can’t afford to obsess over a tricky item. Keep an eye on the timer at the top right corner of the page.

Develop and refine your listening strategies during your review period. Consider these tips. Enroll in a PTE online test to learn more ways to enhance your test performance!

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