Top Tips for Answer Short Answer Questions in PTE Speaking

Short Answer Question is the sixth task type of the PTE Speaking exam. Here’s how it works.

The page is divided into two parts: the instructions at the top and an audio recording box in the middle. There may or may not be an image supplement.

The audio recording, which focuses on a single question, will play automatically when you open the page.

When the speaker stops talking, the microphone automatically opens. You will have ten seconds to record your answer. There is no tone indicating when you should start talking.

Answer the question with one or more words.

Make sure you’re ready for this task type. If you’re living in the Central Visayas region, enroll in the JRooz PTE Cebu review center. Doing so will give you the chance to test your skills against an accurate Short Answer Question practice exam. You’ll also be able to get pointers from PTE experts on how to tackle the section. Here are some of the tips they teach their students.

PTE Cebu

1. Anticipate the task.

As mentioned before, the audio recording will automatically play upon entering the page. So, you need to pay close attention right from the start. Anticipate the audio before clicking “next” on the previous task. Clear your mind and be ready for the speaker.

2. Take note of the recording box.

It will help you keep tabs on what’s happening. Here’s how.

Its bottom bar will tell you how long the speaker will talk.

Its center will tell you the current status of the task (whether the audio recorder is “playing” the material or “recording” your response).

Its right bar will tell you the volume of your voice and that of the speaker’s.

Unlike in the other speaking tasks, there is no tone that will indicate when you should start delivering your response. So, you need to talk as soon as the speaker stops talking. Keeping an eye on the recording box will also let you know when you should start delivering your response. Enroll in a PTE review center to experience an accurate practice test.

3. Don’t pause when you deliver your answer.

Pausing for more than three seconds before giving and mid-delivery of your answer will automatically stop the recording. The audio recorder will take your silence as a sign that you have finished answering the question. So, speak clearly and continuously. Keep these in mind during your PTE Cebu review sessions.

4. Keep your response short and simple.

Avoid saying more than what is necessary. Not only will it waste time but it will also diminish your score. Examiners give high marks to short and accurate answers. You won’t get extra points for saying more than what’s expected.

Integrate these tips into your Short Answer Question strategy. But, don’t rely solely on them. Remember, they are only some of the pointers that JRooz instructors teach their students. If you want to learn more, you’ll have to enroll in their PTE review center. Click here to find out more.

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