Time Management Tips for PTE Listening Sub-test

Time management plays a crucial role in cracking the PTE Academic test especially when it comes to the listening sub-test. As a test taker enrolled in a PTE exam preparation online, it is essential to seek practical time management tips and strategies that can help boost your exam preparation and get your desired PTE score in the listening section.

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Time Management Tips for PTE Listening Sub-test

Since the listening test contains eight tasks and takes about 45–57 minutes, you must need to construct a time management plan before taking this PTE component. For test takers enrolled in various PTE online packages, check out these simple time management tips for the listening test:

•  Determine the proper length of each listening task. Below is a list of the listening tasks with their corresponding time frames:

1. Summarize Spoken Text (10 minutes)

2. Multiple Choice, Multiple Answers (5 minutes)

3. Fill in the Blanks (3 minutes)

4. Highlight Correct Summary (3 minutes)

5. Multiple-Choice, Single Answer (3 minutes)

6. Select Missing Word (3 minutes)

7. Highlight Incorrect Words (5 minutes)

8. Write From Dictation (2 minutes)

•  Before taking the listening test, plan the activities that you need to do in each listening task. The following is a sample plan for each listening task:

1. Summarize Spoken Text – Since this listening task requires you to write down a summary of 50–70 words after listening to an audio clip, you need to take down notes while listening to the recording. Use personal shorthand to make sure that you cover all the information in the audio clip.

2. Multiple Choice, Multiple Answers – While listening, quickly scan all the options in each question. It will be easier for you to select the correct options.

3. Fill in the Blanks – If you have good typing speed, type the word as you listen to the recording. If not, write down the missing word on your notepad and then once the audio clips are over, type all the words in the blanks.

4. Highlight Correct Summary – Don’t read the options before or while you are listening to the audio clip. Instead, write down the key ideas about the recording and then match these words and phrases to the answer options.

5. Multiple Choice, Single Answer – For test takers enrolled in various PTE online packages, skim the question and answer options before you listen and understand the audio recording.

6. Select Missing Word – Pay attention to the beep as you listen to the audio recording. Since this listening task consists of five answer options, use the process of elimination and remove options that are obviously incorrect.

7. Highlight Incorrect Words – As you listen to the audio clip, move the cursor along the screen as each word is spoken, and click on any words that sound different from the words on the screen.

8. Write From Dictation – Type as many words as you can remember into the response box in chronological order. Make sure to check the spelling and correct word order in each sentence.

•  During the listening test, maximize your time by following all the activities in each listening task. If you have an extra time left, use this time to quickly scan your answer.

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