Things to Consider When Booking Your PTE Exam

Booking your PTE test without considering the following things can reduce your chances of passing the high-stakes exam.

booking your PTE Exam


PTE has three types: the PTE Academic, the PTE General, and the PTE Young Learners.

Not sure which version should you take? If you are enrolled in a training facility, like the PTE review center in Manila, you can get a crash course on each type. But, if you are not enrolled in any review program, here’s how the three test types differ.

  • PTE Academic exam is for individuals who want to study college abroad, apply for
    professional registration, and migrate to an English-speaking country.
  • PTE General exam is for individuals who want to determine their English proficiency
    level, apply for private and government employment, and enhance or complete their
    post-graduate studies requirements.
  • PTE Young Learners exam is for children aged 5–12 years old who want to determine
    their English proficiency level.

Think of your reason for taking the ezam, then identify which exam would serve you the best.
Consult your instructors at the PTE review center Philippines if you are having trouble deciding
which you should take.


Another thing that you have to consider when selecting your test version is whether or nott you
are an eligible candidate for it. PTE’s eligibility qualifications are mostly age-related.

  • PTE Academic and General test-takers must be at least 16 years of age.
  • Test takers who are below 18 years are required to submit proof of parental consent.


After determining which version you are going to take, your next step should be to prepare for
the PTE test. You have to accomplish two things during this period: to complete all the required
materials for test registration and to prepare for the exam.

Take note that there are only two ways to register for the exam: apply for it online or contact the
PTE call center in your area. You cannot visit a PTE center to register directly. If you are
enrolled in a training facility, like the PTE review center in Manila, you can learn more about the
application process from your instructor.


  2. Here’s a list of all the things you need to prepare when you book your PTE test.

    • Application form – To obtain one, you have to create a Pearson account here.
    • Valid ID – To take the exam, you must present acceptable identification
      documents on your test date. Take note that:

      • the ID you present on the test date must be the same with the ID you used to book the exam;
      • the name on the ID must match the name you entered when booking the exam;
      • the PTE examiner will only allow you to take the exam if you present the original ID; and
      • you cannot take the test and will be given no refunds if you cannot present the original ID on your test date.

    Take note that, due to the test’s online registration method, you also have to consider how you will pay for the exam. Visit PTE official website to find out what payment channels they accept.

  3. 2. PTE REVIEW
  4. Just like with any other life-changing exams, you cannot cram for the PTE. You have to invest a lot of time and effort to get to know your test type and hone your English communication skills. Here are five ways to prepare for the PTE exam.

    • self-study
    • finding a study buddy
    • participating in a group study
    • enrolling in a PTE online training program
    • enrolling in a PTE review center Philippines

Do you want to get a more in-depth understanding of the PTE booking process? Enroll in a PTE
review course today!


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