The Test Taker’s Guide to PTE Packages and Test Versions

Pearson Test of English is the most prominent computer-based language assessment test in the world designed for non-native English speakers who wish to pursue their education in English speaking countries. If you are interested in taking this language examination, you need to enroll in a Pearson center. Instructors in such institutions shall help you develop your communications skills and increase your chances of acing the examination.

For instance, JRooz Review Center is the country’s leading PTE Academic review center providing the best training course programs helping test takers reach their full potential and achieve their PTE score goals. Moreover, this PTE Academic Review Center also offers quality review materials and up-to-date mock examinations that can help boost your PTE preparation. With its flexible review schedules and top-caliber instructors, JRooz PTE Academic Review Center can help test takers sharpen their verbal fluency, pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary.

Pearson center

Interested? For more information, here’s a quick guide to JRooz PTE packages!

  • PTE Academic

PTE Academic is accepted by thousands of institutions and universities abroad. For those who want to continue their college studies abroad, pursue their profession or migrate to an English-speaking country, this PTE version proficiency test for you.

JRooz PTE Review Center offers affordable and high-quality PTE Academic Packages catering to the learning demands of students and helping them improve their English communication abilities in an everyday and in an academic environment. Moreover, instructors will also help you in dissecting and discussing all aspects of the PTE Academic exam.

  • PTE General Training

For those who want to secure a government and private employment, accomplish post-graduate studies requirements, or establish English fluency level, this PTE version is the language assessment test that you should prepare for.

PTE General Training Packages are created to help exam takers enrich their everyday English communication skills in preparation for PTE’s four test components (listening, reading, writing, and speaking test) and get the right PTE score for their applications abroad.

So what are you waiting for? Enroll now in any Pearson Center and choose among the many quality PTE packages your preferred way to jumpstart your career abroad! For more tips and information about the Pearson Test of English, subscribe to our blog now!



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