The Test Taker’s Guide to the PTE Re-scoring Process

After getting the best PTE review packages, attending group study sessions, developing your communication skills, and answering the test, it’s very unfortunate that you still have acquired a lower PTE score than what you have expected. To help you overcome this, there are two options that you need to consider:

either enroll in another PTE review center in Baguio, if you’re in that area and re-take the exam; or

ask for a PTE re-score of your performance.

If you consider the second option, below is a simple yet helpful guide for the PTE re-scoring process.

PTE review center in Baguio

The Test Taker’s Guide to the PTE Re-scoring Process

PTE Academic accepts and processes re-score requests even though scoring lapses are highly unlikely. But if you still insist on requesting for a re-score, then here are the things that you should know:

PTE Academic is a computer-based language proficiency test, so re-scoring will also be done automatically. Therefore, it is unlikely that your overall PTE score will change.

Contact the Pearson Customer Service to apply for a PTE re-score request.

You must apply for a PTE re-score within 14 calendar days of receiving the initial score.

You’ll also need to pay a certain PTE re-score fee. While the exact figure is not made public, it’s definitely not cheap. It’s possible that it will cost you more than $100.

Open-ended written answers and spoken responses can only be reviewed and re-scored. These include writing tasks such as summarize spoken text, summarize written text, and essay.

If the score changes, your previous PTE score will be automatically updated. The re-score fees will also be fully refunded.

Keep in mind that you are not allowed to request for a PTE re-score if you have already scheduled another PTE test or sent your score to an institution.

If your PTE score didn’t change after the PTE re-scoring process, it is best to move on and re-take the PTE Academic exam. Maximizing your PTE review packages is still the best way to achieve your PTE score goal. Before taking the test, make sure that you have acquired all the knowledge and skills needed to get a high band score in the PTE Academic test.

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