The Importance of Vocabulary in the PTE Exam

Having an extensive vocabulary and knowing how to maximize it are crucial to PTE success—it’s why PTE online review instructors often remind their students to build up theirs. Read on to find out the importance of vocabulary in the PTE exam.

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Why Excellent Vocabulary is a Must

Words are the most basic units of meaning and language. When conveying a message, what words you use and how you use them implies a lot of about your communicative abilities.

Utilizing the simplest of words to get your meaning across, for instance, may reflect limited vocabulary and/or the lack of confidence to make the most of it. Utilizing varied words appropriately, on the other hand, demonstrates your excellent command of the language.

PTE, being an English proficiency exam, considers your vocabulary range in determining the level of your communicative skills. Consider the general criteria of the high-stakes test. After task response and grammar, the next thing that can significantly affect your score is your knowledge and application of words.

Imagine giving the right answer only to miss the mark because of inappropriate word choice. Imagine coming up with a compelling and well-structured essay only to get a low—or lower than expected—score due to poor use of vocabulary.

Sounds like a nightmare right? Weeks spent on intensive PTE review online sessions wasted due to inadequate language know-how.

On a more practical standpoint, extensive vocabulary is crucial for your future ventures. Whether you’re taking the PTE exam to work or study abroad, language mastery will be able to help you adjust to your new environment better.

Building up Your Vocabulary 

Now that you know the importance of vocabulary in scoring high in the test, let’s delve into how you can build up yours. Here are some useful tips.

• Learn 5–10 new words every day.

• Read as many kinds of reading materials as you can.

• Consult a dictionary whenever you encounter unfamiliar words or expressions.

• Practice using varied vocabulary during your PTE online review

• Use your newly learned words and expressions when speaking and writing.

• Play word-focused games like Scrabble and Wordscapes.

• Pay attention to the way native English speakers talk. Take note of their accents and how it affects their pronunciations.

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