Study Tips for the Busy PTE Test Taker

Do you want to make the most out of your study period despite having a busy schedule? Enroll in one of JRooz’s excellent yet affordable PTE review courses! JRooz offers a wide variety of training programs with flexible schedules and high pass rates. Enroll in one that fits in with your schedule well to boost your chances of success.

Aside from taking PTE classes, you can also utilize study strategies to maximize your review period. Below are some easy but effective ways to elevate your review experience if you are a student or an employee.

PTE Test Taker


PTE Study Tips for College Students

  • Know your schedule.

This is the best way to make sure you make every second of your review period count. Use a calendar or planner to plot out your school schedule. Identify your vacant periods and find out which ones can be used for self-study sessions and which ones can be used for training classes.

  • Hide your college materials during your PTE review.

This is vital especially if you are using the same study space for your college studies. Keeping your school materials (e.g., textbooks, test papers, lecture notes, etc.) in sight can distract you from your PTE training. So, hide anything college-related during your review sessions.

  • Bring your materials with you everywhere you go

Yes, even during your class hours. Keep the materials provided by your PTE packages (e.g., practice exams, test modules, etc.) organized in a folder with your own researched texts. This will let you use unexpected free periods to your advantage. Don’t want to lug around your review materials? Store digital versions of them on your mobile devices instead.


PTE Study Tips for People Who Are Working

  • Study smart

Make sure every language activity you complete contributes to your PTE review. Limit your study coverage to only what’s essential for the life-changing exam. Don’t waste your time reading up on topics that probably won’t even appear in the test like the origins of the English language.

  • Apply what you learned

Don’t confine your training to your affordable PTE review classes. Hone your communicative skills outside of the classroom. Edit your work emails before sending them, pay attention to the grammar and structure of the texts you read, and talk to your peers and co-workers in English. Little things like this can help you take your linguistic abilities to the next level.

  • Keep digital versions of your PTE study materials on your mobile devices

This is a great way to study on-the-go. Find digital versions of the materials provided by your PTE packages. Type your handwritten notes and convert the document into PDF for easier access. Having PTE materials saved on your phone will allow you to study for the high-stakes exam anytime anywhere.

Complement your PTE review with these effective study strategies. Check out JRooz’s PTE packages and enroll in the course best suited to your needs to boost your chances of securing exam success!



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