Study Hacks for Visual Learners

Are you a visual learner? Meaning: do you process and retain information better when they are presented with visual aids? If so, make this work to your advantage. Tailor your PTE preparations to your learning style. Use the following study hacks to enhance your PTE review center experience and score high in the life-changing exam.

PTE review center

• Use note-taking methods that are visually appealing.

You’re not an elementary student. When you take down notes, you don’t need to retain the format the PTE instructor used when he/she wrote on the board. Likewise, you also don’t need to write in bullets or paragraphs. So, go ahead and customize your notes.

– Draw meaningful doodles.

– Use colorful pens and highlighters.

– Use sticky notes to add additional information to cluttered pages.

– Find a creative way to differentiate the various types of information (e.g., use different font styles, etc.).

– Write motivational quotes on the margins.

– Insert inspirational photos in the pages.

• Create visual aids out of your PTE lectures.

It will help you understand and remember them better. Make PowerPoint presentations, design infographics, and develop flashcards about them. You can also use graphic organizers to simplify complicated lessons. Employ charts, diagrams, maps, and other visual tools.

• Maximize your PTE handouts.

You don’t need to return most of them to the PTE review center once your course ends. So, go ahead and write on them. You can highlight key information with color markers or underline them with red/blue pens. Avoid using black ink as it’ll make your notes inconspicuous. Write annotations on the margins. If you’re not a fan of writing on handouts, use sticky notes to insert your notes. You can also use a pencil to avoid leaving permanent marks.

• Utilize supplementary visual materials.

Just because you’re preparing with an affordable PTE review program, doesn’t mean that you should confine your materials to what it provides. Make the most of your resources. Find PTE training videos and infographics online.

Take note: tailoring your study efforts to your learning style only elevates your review experience. It does not guarantee test success. Just because you converted some of your lecture notes into diagrams, doesn’t mean that you’re definitely going to score high in the exam. So, don’t get complacent.

Make every second of your training period count. Enroll in an affordable PTE review course to learn everything you need to know to ace the test.

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