Stuck in a Study Slump? Try These Unconventional Review Techniques

Stuck in a study slump? Worried that it will keep you from maximizing your affordable PTE review course and achieving your grade goals? This article can help you out. Try the unconventional but effective training techniques below.

affordable PTE review

• Wear your work attire.

When you’re studying at home, you have to privilege to wear whatever you want.

Most don their comfiest clothes. If you’re planning to immerse yourself in PTE training for hours, it’s best that you don’t follow suit. Wearing comfortable clothes, especially ones that you typically wear at home, can make you too relaxed and complacent for intensive review. Wear your standard work or school (if you’re still studying in college) attire instead. It’ll help you sustain your work mode.

• Dramatize your notes.

If reading your notes from your PTE review center in Makati classes out loud no longer stimulates your memory, consider dramatizing them. Come up with a dialogue out of your lessons. Then, put your voice acting skills to the test. Don’t hold back. Use exaggerated accents and speak with feelings. Dramatizing your lessons will not only make studying more engaging and memorable, but it’ll also enhance your reading and speaking skills. If you’re not up for a dialogue, make a monologue out of your lecture notes instead. Imagine your delivering a speech to a crowd.

• Teach someone your lessons.

Here’s how it’ll enhance your review experience.

Before you teach someone, you need to have a solid understanding of the topic involved. You also need to prepare materials to help your student(s) pick up the lesson better. Accomplishing these two requirements will help you retain the subject better.

When you teach someone, you test your knowledge of the topic. You must be able to answer any question your student may have about the lesson. You also get to exercise all four of your communicative skills.

– Improved mood and self-confidence are also expected after you teach someone and you know they understood the lesson well.

It’s recommended that teach someone who has little knowledge of the topic.

• Enhance your review with your senses.

Eat candy while you study your notes from your latest affordable PTE review session. Whenever you need to recall a lesson point included in that set of notes, eat candy of the same flavor. Use your sense of smell to enhance your training as well. Keep things with cognitively stimulating odors—such as lemon, mint, rosemary, and jasmine—in your study space. They’ll help strengthen your focus and memory.

Beat study slumps by changing up your study strategies. Follow these tips. Want to learn more ways to make the most of your training period? Enroll in the JRooz PTE review center in Makati today!

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