PTE Tips: How to Tackle the Reading Test

The Pearson Test of English Reading Test is a section of the PTE exam that measures your reading skills through a series of passages and questions with 32–35 minutes allotted for the test. With this timed element of the exam, takers need to be able to adjust to the various tasks and manage their limited time effectively.

pearson test of english

PTE review programs worth their salt would address these constraints. To help you, here are a few tips you can apply to ace your PTE Reading Test.


1. Identify the question-type by sight

The PTE Reading test has several question types:

Multiple-choice with a single answer
Multiple-choice with multiple answers
Reorder paragraphs
Fill in the blanks

To save time, you need to be able to identify what kind of question is in front of you. Failure to do so would endanger your Reading Test score. Take, for example, you are answering multiple-choice questions with single answers. Then without realizing the question type has already shifted to multiple-choice with multiple answers, and you still kept on choosing only one answers, you’re in a world of trouble.

2. Develop good vocabulary

If you are enrolled in a top-caliber PTE review program, you more than likely have had a few sessions devoted to improving your vocabulary. These sessions would pay in dividends when it comes to the Reading Test as a deep vocabulary would enable you to understand the text quickly. Also, a rich vocabulary would help you when composing your answer for this and other PTE tests. The richer vocabulary you possess, the richer your answers would be.

3. Manage your time wisely

As mentioned earlier, the PTE Reading test lasts for 32–35 minutes. Each task has 3–6 items. With those numbers in mind, you can then estimate how long you can spend on each item. If you do not know how to answer one item, don’t stay at it for too long. Skip and go to the next one. If there’s time left for the test, you can go back and answer the items you skipped.

4. Maintain your energy

Throughout the Pearson Test of English, energy is the key! If you are out of your wits, sleepy, or tired, then you’ll not be able to focus on your test, putting your results at risk, as well as your future.

Don’t let the PTE Reading Test be your downfall! Apply these tips and ace your PTE!

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