PTE Tips: How to Hone Your Oral Fluency

Oral fluency is the measure of your ability to enunciate your thoughts and ideas clearly and accurately. In the PTE Academic exam, oral fluency is one of the enabling skills that you must demonstrate. The computerized exam will give you a score from 10 to 90 based on your performance.

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Refining Your Oral Fluency

Oral fluency is a mixture of on-point pronunciation, grammar, stress, and intonation. It does not necessarily require an extensive vocabulary since you can communicate your thoughts clearly even with limited terminology. What it demands is a proficiency in word combinations—a dexterity in expression and delivery.

According to the PTE Scoring Guide, oral fluency is the “smooth, effortless, and natural-paced delivery speech.” This can be a daunting challenge especially in a life-changing high-pressured exam like the PTE. Hone your oral fluency. Consider these tips when you practice your verbal communication skills.

Listen to an Excellent Speaker
If you want to get a good grasp of the various English accents, do not limit your listening resources to newscast. Listen to motivational speakers and politicians to learn persuasive stress and intonations. Watch videos of spoken word poets to pick up how to blend connotative expressions and straightforward language eloquently.

Mimic performers
Learn how to instill emotions to your speech by copying movie and program characters. Put yourself in various roles. Study how performers manipulated the tone and volume of their voice. Analyze how they brought their respective characters to life and mirror their techniques. This fun exercise not only lets you explore your ability to channel emotions but also allows you observe various mannerisms and their connotations.

Eliminate Filler Words
The best way to show your verbal inadequacy is by using filler words in your delivery. For most people, filler words—such as um, er, literally, yeah, etc.—are an ingrained part of their speech pattern. They typically surface when the speaker is unsure of their next thought. Eliminate these unnecessary expressions from your oral vocabulary.

Paraphrase Literature
A good way to elevate your ability to find the right words at the right moment is to paraphrase literature. Read a poem and define its hidden meanings. Find a short reading —a fairy tale, a news article, a passage of the Constitution—and tell it to someone. Discuss its themes, connotations, morals, and more.

Record Yourself
Always record your verbal communication exercises for later evaluation. Be critical when assessing yourself. Pick out your weak points: Did you pronounce everything properly? Did you use filler words?—and make conscious effort to overcome them.

Do not let the pressures of the high-stakes exam derail your verbal delivery. Improve your communication skills with these fluency-enhancing strategies. Raise your chances of obtaining your desired PTE results.

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