PTE Review Tips: How to Apply Rote Learning

The ability to memorize a lot of information is an important factor for students who are preparing for an upcoming examination. Although memorization isn’t the most effective way to learn, it is a great method that most students and teachers still use. As a PTE test taker, enhancing your memorization skills is essential as it can help boost your learning skills and get your PTE score goal. For instance, rote learning is an effective study technique that students can use in their PTE review packages.

PTE review packages

What is rote learning?

Rote learning is a process of memorizing information based on repetition. Some examples of rote learning include memorizing the alphabet, multiplication table and the lyrics of a song. Aside from that, instructors from PTE review center in Manila consider rote learning to be a necessary step in learning certain training course materials including test formats, the four core language skills lectures and many more.

How to apply rote learning in your PTE review packages?

For PTE exam takers who wish to use rote learning, read and follow these five simple steps:

1. Select a topic

In choosing your topic, make sure that it contains headings and subheading as these factors play an important role in using rote learning effectively. After selecting the topic, write down all the headings and subheadings that you find on a piece of paper.

2. Find key points

Aside from the headings and subheadings, you also need to find key points in your chosen topic. As you locate each key point, write them under each heading and subheading of the topic.

3. Organize gathered information

After getting all the information about the topic, organize them by creating concept maps or diagrams that explain the material. You can also use graphic organizers such as Flowcharts, Charts, using the Cornell method and many more.

4. Read the summarized topic

Once you have organized the information about the topic, you can now start reading it as many times as you want. Reading the material in concept maps and graphic organizers can also help you recall the information quickly.

5. Rewrite the information

You can also rewrite the gathered information about the topic in as many times as you want. The more you rewrite or reread the information, the more effectively you retain the information.

Apply rote learning to boost your PTE preparation. For more study tips and strategies, you can subscribe to our blog now or enroll in any JRooz PTE Review Center, in Manila, Makati, Baguio, Cebu or Davao!


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