PTE Review Supplements: Essential Collocations that Start with “B”

Boost your chances of achieving your PTE grade goals. Prepare with PTE review packages and complement your training sessions with your own study efforts. Build up your knowledge of academic collocations!

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Why You Should Expand Your Academic Collocation Vocabulary

Collocations are words that are often used in tandem in the English language. Take the word “alternative” for example. It is frequently used together with other words (e.g., approach, explanation, method, etc.) to come up with a more specific expression (e.g., an alternative approach, an alternative explanation, and an alternative method).

Collocations typically come in pairs, though ones with three words or more are not uncommon. Consider some of the phrasal collocations of the word “adopt:” “adopt a procedure” and “adopt an approach.”

It’s important that you have an extensive collocation vocabulary for the exam. Not only will it help you make sense of the recordings and texts of the high-stakes test, but it will also reflect well on your communicative competence if you can use them well in your responses.

It’s why the instructors at the JRooz PTE review center in Manila always push their students to expand their knowledge of academic collocations. Make it a point to expand yours during your preparation period.

Essential Collocations for PTE

Below are the most common academic collocations that start with “B.” Study them and get used to integrating them into your responses during PTE review packages sessions.

• Background knowledge
• Basic +

– assumption
– concept
– element
– function
– information
– premise
– principle
– research
– structure

• Bear resemblance
• Become +

– apparent
– available
– aware
– established
– evident
– independent
– involved
– obvious
– visible
– widespread

• Become a source
• Become the focus
• Behave differently
• Best described
• Binary +

– opposition
– system

• Biological +

– evolution
– science
– sex

• Brief +

– account
– description
– discussion
– history
– introduction
– overview
– period
– review
– summary
– time

• Briefly +

– describe
– discuss

• Broad +

– agreement
– category
– definition
– spectrum

• Broader spectrum
• Broadly +

– defined
– similar

• Business +

– sector
– industry

Take note: these are only the essential collocations for PTE that start with “B.” If you want to learn more, enroll in the JRooz PTE review center in Manila. Click here to find out how we can help you go over and beyond your PTE score objectives.

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