PTE Review Hacks: Proven Ways to Enrich Your Vocabulary

Through lectures in PTE review in Makati, you will learn that vocabulary range reflects your intellectual capacity. This is why it is important that you spend time every day on improving your vocabulary skills.

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Enriching your vocabulary has a lot of benefits.

  • Learning how to build and enrich your vocabulary is a profitable investment especially when pursuing your career goals.
  • It enables you to express ideas better.
  • It allows you to understand others’ ideas.
  • It gives you the confidence to engage in conversations.

Enrolling in a PTE review center is one way to build a better vocabulary. Lectures in the training center are tailored based on students’ learning demands. Furthermore, instructors provide vocabulary exercises that are focused on enhancing students’ English communication skills. Thus, you can ensure that you will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for daily interaction. To aid your lectures in the PTE review in Makati, here are proven vocabulary buildup exercises you need to start now.

1. Learn a new word every day

Make it your goal to learn a new word every day. Search for websites or mobile applications that provide a daily list of new words. Using these platforms is a technique that many people use to improve their vocabulary. It is advisable that you create a vocabulary journal where you can list down new words and include their definition.

2. Read, read, and read

Reading expands your vocabulary. The more you read, the more words you will learn. Aside from developing your vocabulary, reading also helps improve your performance in the PTE review center. It develops your reading skills and improves your comprehension.

3. Make friends with the dictionary

You will never go wrong with keeping a dictionary handy. Nowadays, you can install dictionary and thesaurus applications on your digital devices, which allow you to get both pronunciation and definition of terms. This will make it easier to access information and search for word meanings.

4. Play word games

Word games, such as puzzles, anagrams, and scrabble, are fun vocabulary exercises that you will enjoy playing with your family or friends. There are also other available word games that you can download on your digital devices.

5. Engage in conversations

Talking with other people is another simple technique to learn new words. Aside from this, it also helps boost your confidence and improves your social behavior.

6. Apply the words you learned 

The best way to improve your vocabulary is to use newly learned words on verbal and non-verbal communication. Challenge yourself to use at least three new words a day when communicating with other people, and see the difference it makes on your vocabulary skills.


Communication is essential in human interaction. To be able to communicate effectively, you must work on improving your vocabulary. Follow these exercises for your PTE training. Learn more study tips with JRooz PTE Review Center!




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