PTE Review Center Tips: Three Types of Conjunctions

Refining your essay-writing skills plays a crucial role in your PTE Academic exam preparation. If you’re a student enrolled in a PTE review center, it is vital to look for numerous writing strategies and techniques that you can utilize during your study time. For instance, check out these awesome writing tips on how to use the three types of conjunctions.

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The Three Types of Conjunctions

Conjunctions are known as connecting or linking words. These words are used to connect words and phrases, as well as concepts and ideas in a sentence. Conjunctions play an important role in constructing clear and concise sentences. If you’re a test taker enrolled in PTE review packages, below are the three types of conjunctions:

1. Coordinating Conjunctions

A coordinating conjunction links two words or phrases with similar values. This type of conjunction is placed in the middle of two nouns or two concepts. Some examples of coordinating conjunctions are and, but, and so.

Peter went to the bookstore and bought five books.

            I’d love to come to your part, but I already have plans tomorrow.

            Everyone in the office was busy, so I went to the pantry alone and ate my dinner.

2. Subordinating Conjunctions

A subordinating conjunction connects a dependent and independent clause. This type of conjunction can be placed at the beginning or in the middle of a sentence. Some examples of subordinating conjunctions are after, because, and whenever.

My apartment was a mess after the crazy party we had last night.

            Because it was raining, the concert was cancelled.

            Whenever Meg was in doubt, she often flipped up a dime.

3. Correlative Conjunctions

A correlative conjunction is a pair of conjunctions used to join two words or phrases that have equal importance in a sentence. Some examples of correlative conjunctions are both – and, either – or, and not only – but also.

Both Stewie and Bryan achieved a high band score in the Pearson Test of English.

I can either eat a cookie or drink a glass of milk before going to bed.

Getting the best PTE review packages can boost not only your communication skills but also your learning abilities.

One final reminder: During your study time, practice using these three types of conjunctions when constructing academic essays or letters. You can also try using different types of conjunctions when writing an entry in your journal.

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