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Acknowledged by colleges, universities, companies, and governments as an accurate assessor of real-life English communication skills, the Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic exam is a key requirement in many life-changing applications around the world. Hence, it is highly recommended that you enroll in a training facility before you take this high-stakes exam.

The PTE review center in Cebu was established to help test takers in the Visayas to go over and beyond their PTE score goals. Under the guidance of exceptional PTE Academic instructors, the students of JRooz’s PTE Cebu branch undergo an intensive 10-day training program to master the test essentials.

The PTE review Cebu facility takes all the necessary measures and more to give its students the best training experience. Sessions are limited to three hours per day to avoid information overload with classes catering to a maximum of ten students per lecture to ensure each reviewee gets the attention he/she needs.

Since the PTE Academic test is a computer-based exam, reviewees are assigned to a computer for the duration of each class to help them adjust to the test’s digital format. The computers used in the PTE review center in Cebu are not only equipped with all the fundamental software for a flawless study session, but they are also filled with up-to-date PTE materials and other training supplements.

The PTE Cebu program starts with a pretest to assess the extent of the reviewee’s English communicative abilities. It is followed by a mock test to establish the student’s base proficiency level. The instructors of the PTE review Cebu would then examine the results, take note of their students’ weak points, and work to improve their overall linguistic skills.

After the initial evaluations, PTE review Cebu coaches would provide comprehensive live lectures to hone their students’ listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills. The discussions and the subsequent language exercises are designed to prepare test takers not only for the exam but also for real life. PTE Academic teachers also aim to enhance their students’ enabling abilities—spelling, grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, oral fluency, and written discourse.

The program also includes individual coaching sessions to gauge the students’ linguistic growth. The course is concluded with a coaching discussion between the reviewee and a PTE Academic examiner to help them refine their test approaches.

If you are planning to take PTE review classes, JRooz has many branches in strategic locations throughout the Philippines. Aside from the PTE review center in Cebu, JRooz also offers first-rate PTE training programs in Manila, Makati, Baguio, and Davao.

Level up your PTE preparation practices. Elevate your chances of reaching your score goals with JRooz review courses.

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