PTE Reading Tips: How to Apply Selective Highlighting

The Reading test is the most time-consuming part in your PTE examination. It takes about 32–41 minutes and contains 15–20 cohesive skills items, depending on the combination of questions given on the test.

As a serious PTE test taker, you must look for effective reading strategies that can help improve your comprehension skills. Enrolling in a Pearson Test of English academic review center is one way that can help you find the reading strategy suitable for your learning abilities. Another way is to apply selective highlighting.

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What is selective highlighting?

Selective highlighting is a process of looking for important key points, key phrases, unfamiliar vocabulary and main ideas in the text that you are reading. For students, this reading strategy is the most effective way of developing their critical-thinking skills as they need to decide on what to highlight, underline or annotate in the text that they are reading.

Benefits of selective highlighting

Selective highlighting is beneficial especially for PTE test takers who find it hard to understand the text in a shorter period of time. Here are the benefits of selective highlighting:

  • Learn to identify the important points of a text
  • Helps you pay close attention to what you are reading
  • Allows greater learning and deeper comprehension
  • Enhances your critical-thinking skills

How to apply selective highlighting

Before going to your PTE review center, you can practice doing selective highlighting by reading some of your lectures on any English language assessment books. Here are 3 tips on how to apply selective highlighting:

1. Skim or scan the text

Skimming and scanning are fast reading techniques that you need to use in selective highlighting. As you skim or scan, you need to pay attention to the essential key points, key phrases, unfamiliar vocabulary and main ideas on the text. You can highlight, underline or write all the important information that you find in the test that you are reading.

2. Create a graphic organizer

A graphic organizer is a visual diagram that shows relationships between facts, concepts or ideas. In creating a graphic organizer, you need to organize all the information that you find in the text. Identify the main idea and the supporting details of the text and make a diagram or a concept map to make your highlighting more efficient.

3. Check your highlighting

Skim or scan the texts you highlighted and check if you missed some information that might help you. Make sure to use your graphic organizer as a reference as you check your highlighting in the text.

Apply these selective highlighting tips and you will definitely ace the reading examination. Enroll now in any JRooz PTE review center! They offer the best PTE review packages that will definitely boost your PTE preparations!


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