PTE Online Training Tips: How to Use Compound Prepositions

Do you want to improve your writing skills? Aside from enrolling in a comprehensive best PTE online course review program and maximizing your study schedule, it is also beneficial to look for a good writing tip that you can utilize during your exam preparation. For instance, one useful writing tip that most students used in their study time is learning how to use compound prepositions.

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Compound Preposition

A compound preposition is a type of preposition that has more than one syllable and is generally formed by prefixing a preposition to a noun, an adjective or an adverb. Using compound prepositions will help you construct clear and concise sentences. To boost your PTE online training even more, below are some examples of compound prepositions:

• Above is used to indicate a higher place or level.

Stewie raised his arms above his head.

• About is used to identify a specific topic.

I’m trying not to be emotional about the past.

• Across is used to tell a movement from one side to the other side.

A snake slithered across the farm.

• Among is used to express that someone or something belongs to a group.

Alternative medicines are now endearing greater acceptance among doctors.

• Against means in opposition to something or someone.

Buying a property is the best hedge against inflation.

• Between is used to separate two points in time or two ideas.

Brian spent the year commuting between New York and Chicago.

• Beside is used to state that someone is next to a particular person, place, or thing.

Meg chose a bench beside the duck pond and sat down.

• Inside is used to state that something is in inner part of a specific place or idea.

The authorities had to kick the door to get inside the room.

• Into is used to express that a person or thing is changing from one condition to another.

Lois cut the meat into small chunks.

• Outside is used to tell that something is within the outer part of a specific place or idea.

The police were called to stop a fight outside the school.

• Within is used to indicate a particular period of time.

Please pay the final invoice within three months.

• Without is used to tell what someone does not have.

Knowledge cannot be acquired without determination and hard work.

One final reminder: The best way to develop your writing skills is to use these compound prepositions when answering practice tests during your PTE online training. You can also use them when constructing academic essays and letters.

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