PTE Online Review Tips for the Speaking Test: Read Aloud

For this speaking test, your task is to read a text aloud from the computer screen. You will be given 35–40 seconds to analyze the text and another 35–40 seconds to read the text aloud. There are six to seven items for this speaking test. The main purpose of the PTE Speaking Test: Read Aloud is to assess your ability to read passages aloud with proper pronunciation and intonation.

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Most students enrolled in PTE online packages, find this speaking task as one of the challenging components of the PTE Speaking Test. To help you overcome this, below are practical test-taking tips that you can apply during the exam.

PTE Online Review Tips for the Speaking Test: Read Aloud

If your ultimate goal is to get a high band score in this speaking test, then all you need to do is to read and follow these five practical tips for the PTE Speaking Test: Read Aloud!

1. Read the instructions

This speaking test consists of the following instructions:

Do not start speaking before the microphone unlocks because your voice will not be recorded.

Finish speaking before the progress bar touches the end. Once you are done, the word “Recording” changes to the word “Completed.”

Keep in mind that you are only able to record your response once.

If you do not speak for longer than 3 seconds, the recording will stop.

2. Examine the short texts

Since you have 35–40 seconds to look at the text before the microphone opens, use this time to break the short texts into meaningful chunks. This will guide you on where you can pause for a while or alter your intonation.

3. Stress the words/phrases that carry essential information

When reading the short passages, stress the word/phrase that carries critical points in each text. Use the rising/falling intonation patterns to show how the ideas are connected in the short texts. If you’re a student enrolled in PTE online packages, practice reading short texts aloud using proper intonation and highlighting critical information from the text.

4. Speak clearly and confidently

As soon as the recording starts, enunciate the words and phrases clearly and confidently. There is no need to rush as it can cause you to stutter or to skip some words and phrases from the short texts.

5. Determine the scoring criteria for this speaking task

The PTE Speaking Test: Read Aloud consists of the following scoring criteria:

• Content – is scored by counting the number of correct words in your recording. Replacements, omissions, and insertions of words/phrases will negatively affect your score.

• Oral fluency – is marked by determining if your rhythm, phrase, and stress are smooth. Hesitations and repetitions will negatively affect your score.

• Pronunciation – is scored by determining if your speech is easily understandable to most native English speakers.

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