PTE Online Review Supplements: Essential Collocations that Start with “D”

Do you want to boost your chances of PTE success? Enroll in JRooz Review’s training facility for PTE in Makati and build up your vocabulary on academic collocations.

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The Advantages of an Extensive Academic Collocation Vocab

There are two reasons why instructors of top-notch, affordable PTE review courses always encourage their students to expand their knowledge of academic collocations.

• It will allow them to show off their communicative competence. Knowing a lot of academic collocations will let you demonstrate your mastery of the language with succinct responses. It will also allow you to add variety to your answers.

• It will help them avoid score-reducing word choice mistakes.

The thing about collocations is that they are form-specific. You can’t replace one or two of its words with a synonym and come up with the same result. Commit this mistake during the test, and you’ll diminish your test performance.

So, make an effort to expand your academic collocation vocab during your training period.

Essential Collocations for PTE

Below is a list of the most common academic collocations that begin with the letter “D.” To make them a part of your vocabulary, take every appropriate opportunity to use them during your classes at your PTE Makati review center.

Daily living
Data +

– gathering
– set

Deal with an issue

– appropriate
– necessary

Deep understanding
Deeper level
Defining +

– characteristic
– concept
– feature

Deliberate attempt
Democratic +

– institution
– process
– society
– state


– change
– characteristics
– factor

Demonstrate competence
Densely populated
Dependent variable
Describe a +

– method
– process
– procedure

Descriptive statistics
Desired statistics
Detailed +

– analysis
– examination
– explanation
– information
– study

Develop a +

– method
– strategy
– technique
– theory

Develop an +

– approach
– argument

Developmental process
Diagnostic test
Differ +

– considerably
– significantly
– widely

Digital +

– information
– media
– technology

Direct +

– access
– communication
– consequences
– contact
– evidence
– impact
– involvement
– link
– observation
– relationship
– role

Directly +

– affect
– connected
– involved
– linked
– proportional
– responsible

Disclose information
Discuss a topic
Discuss an issue
Diverse +

– background
– group

Dividing line
Domestic market
Dominant +

– form
– group
– ideology
– paradigm
– position
– role

Draw attention
Driving force
Due process
Dynamic +

– nature
– process
– system

Keep in mind that these are only the essential PTE collocations for one of the 26 letters of the alphabet. If you want to learn more, enroll in a top training facility. Prepare with JRooz PTE Academic. Click here to check out our effective and affordable PTE review courses.

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