PTE Online Course Writing Tips: Avoiding Expletive Construction

Writing concise sentences plays a crucial role when constructing your responses in the PTE Academic Writing Section. If you’re having a difficult time writing one, then getting a comprehensive PTE online course review program is beneficial as it provides learning materials to boost your essay-writing skills. Aside from attending online classes, it is also vital to look for a study tip that you can utilize when constructing concise sentences. For instance, check out these writing tips on how to avoid expletive constructions.
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Avoiding Expletive Construction

Expletive constructions are phrases such as there is/was, it is/was, and there are/were that are normally placed at the beginning of the sentence. These phrases don’t add any grammatical or structural meaning to the sentence. Using expletive constructions also weakens the flow of ideas and the overall quality of your writing.

In order to avoid this writing problem, here are some writing tips that you can apply in your PTE online course sessions:

• Replace the expletive constructions with a noun or pronoun and add a verb.

Expletive Construction:           There is a vacant room in our house.

Correction:                              We have a vacant room in our house.

• Change the form of the verb when removing an expletive construction.

Expletive Construction:           There are going to be hundreds of people attending the premiere night.

Correction:                              Hundreds of people will attend the premiere night.

• Reorder a few words in the sentence when eliminating an expletive construction.

Expletive Construction:           It is going to be a long and cold winter.

Correction:                              The winter will be long and cold.

• Remove the word “that” together with an expletive construction.

Expletive Construction:           It was the weather that made the young girl sick.

Correction:                              The weather made the young girl sick.

• Add a verb when eliminating an expletive construction.

Expletive Construction:           There are numerous explanations to the said theory.

Correction:                              Numerous explanations exist to the said theory.

Although the corrections are subtle, they simplify the sample sentence and make them more clear and concise.

One final tip: During your PTE online course sessions, read and examine various academic texts. Look for any expletive construction and rewrite them by following these awesome writing tips. You can also share these tips during your group study sessions.

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