PTE Hacks: Simple Eye Exercises

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eyes healthy

Although it is crucial that you maximize your preparation for the PTE exam, intensive training in the PTE review center Makati can wear out your mind and body. Overexposure to computers and gadgets may affect your eyes. Ultraviolet rays emitted by computers can hurt your central vision and damage your eye. Hence, it is essential that you take good care of your eyes. Here are simple exercises to help improve your eye function.

  • BlinkingBlinking is a simple eye exercise that is commonly taken for granted. Individuals who use computers and watch television tend to blink less, thus, drying the eyes. Take a break from using your gadgets, and then blink every three to four seconds, for two minutes. This practice helps reduce eye strain.
  • Move your eyes from side-to-sideStand up or sit straight while keeping your focus. Look to your left while keeping your head still. Concentrate on what you see. Then look to your right, and focus on what you see. Move your eyes from side-to-side for five times. Repeat this cycle three times.
  • Move your eyes up and downSit straight and look ahead. Look up without moving your head. Focus on what you see. Then look down, and focus on what you see. Move your eyes up and down for five times. Repeat this exercise three times to relax your eyes.
  • Stare into the darkCover your eyes with the fingers of one hand touching your fingers on the other hand. Once your eyes are fully covered, close your eyes and stare into the dark. Relax and keep this position for one to three minutes.
  • Move your eyes diagonallyLook straight, then look down and to the left. Move your eyes diagonally. Look up then to the right. Focus on what you see every time you change your gaze. Do this for five times, then look straight ahead again. Repeat this cycle three times.
  • Near and far focusConcentrate on an object, 20–30 cm away from you. Then look at something distant. Focus on that distant object and try examining its details. Afterward, look at the nearby object again. Change your focus from near to far for five times. Repeat this cycle three times.

Perform these exercises to keep your eyes healthy. Discover more tricks to improve your vision and elevate your chances of acquiring your score goal with JRooz PTE Academic.

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