PTE Hacks: How to Improve Your English During Your Spare Time

Extend your test preparations beyond the walls of your PTE review center. Here are seven easy and effective ways to improve your English communication skills during your spare time.

PTE baguio

1. Speak slowly.  Don’t worry about speed and focus on accuracy when practicing your English speaking skills. Make sure you pronounce words correctly and articulate your sentences properly.

2. Immerse yourself in English media and literature. Watch shows, movies, and news programs. Read newspapers, novels, and comics. Listen to radio broadcasts and sing along to the latest English songs. Consider the following as you dive into English media and literature:

  • the various accents of native English speakers;
  • how native English speakers converse in casual and formal situations; and
  • how grammar and structure of verbal and written English differ.

Not sure what books or programs will complement your PTE training? Ask your PTE review center instructor for recommendations.

3. Identify everything you see. As you commute to and fro the PTE review center in Baguio, figure out the English name of everything you encounter. Type down their names on your mobile phone or keep a small notebook and pen handy. This’ll help you better associate words to their physical representations and reinforce them into your memory.

4. Embrace unfamiliar or complicated terms and expressions. Find ways to integrate them into your speech and writings. Have trouble remembering new words? Here’s how to store them in your long-term memory.

  • Spell out the recently learned words out loud.
  • Write them down on paper at least 20 times.
  • Create sentences with the words. Write down your sentences down then read them out loud.
  • Listen to how native and non-native English speakers enunciate the word.

5. Keep a journal. You can write in a notebook or record yourself narrating your day. The former will help you enhance your writing and reading skills while the latter will help you hone your speaking and listening skills. Review your journal entry afterwards and identify grammar lapses.

6. Tell your friends and family about your PTE study plans. This way, they can help you practice what you’ve learned and push you to accomplish your review objectives. Surround yourself with supportive people.

7. Teach someone. Master your PTE review center lectures by passing them on. Teach them to your friends, housemates, and family. If you were able to answer all their questions adequately, then you’re well on your way to securing your grade goal.

Integrate these activities to your exam preparations to refine your linguistic abilities. Want to learn more tips to help you ace the exam? Living somewhere in northern Luzon? Consider enrolling in our PTE review center in Baguio. Click here to find out more about our training packages.


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