Practical Tips on How to Boost Your PTE Enabling Skills

PTE Enabling Skills Scores

Enabling skills scores are used to rate a test taker’s performance in the PTE speaking and writing test. Aside from the communicative skills scores (listening, reading, speaking, and writing), the enabling skills scores are also part of the overall PTE Academic score. For test takers enrolled in a PTE online review package, the following are the components of the enabling skills scores:

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•  Grammar – Proper use of language with correct word order in each sentence.

•  Oral Fluency – Effortless, smooth, and natural-paced delivery of the speech.

•  Pronunciation – The speech is clear and understandable to most English speakers.

•  Spelling – Writing of words based on the spelling rules of the English language.

•  Vocabulary – Correct choice of words used to convey meaning, as well as a wide lexical range.

•  Written discourse – An appropriate structure of a written text, its internal coherence, logical development, and a variety of linguistic resources.

Practical Tips on How to Boost Your PTE Enabling Skills

As a student attending the best PTE online course review classes, it is essential to look for tips and strategies that can help boost your enabling skills and ace the PTE Academic test. To help you achieve this, read and follow these practical tips:

Practical Tip #1: Grammar

Read a book, newspaper, magazine or a blog/article that contains your favorite topics or subject areas. Reading your favorite topics/subjects on a regular basis will gradually make you more acquainted to the proper sentence formation and word order.

Practical Tip #2: Oral Fluency

Record your voice while speaking on a specific topic for a minute. Listen to it and find out if you have made any grammatical errors, fillers, and other reasons that might affect your oral fluency.

Practical Tip #3: Pronunciation

Watch any movies and TV shows or listen to radio programs. Observe how the speaker or the character talks including his/her word stress and intonation. During your spare time, try to imitate them by recording your voice.

Practical Tip #4: Spelling

Observe the spelling mistakes you make often. Use sticky notes to write down all those spelling mistakes and put it on your study area. So when you’re writing an essay or an article, you can easily see those spelling mistakes that you need to avoid.

Practical Tip #5: Vocabulary

Make a list of the new words you learn every day. Start filling out the list during your best PTE online course review classes. Always bring a dictionary to find out the meaning of the new words you have learned each day.

Practical Tip #6: Written Discourse

The most crucial elements of written discourse are the introduction and presentation for argument, analysis of the test, personal response, and conclusion. During your PTE writing test, always include these crucial elements when constructing your responses.

For more amazing test-taking tips and strategies, visit any PTE review centers near you and get your PTE online review package now!

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