Using Participial Prepositions in the Pearson Test of English Writing Test

Showcasing your extensive linguistic skills plays a critical role in the PTE Academic Writing Section. Aside from creating a comprehensive vocabulary list and reading various academic texts, it is also beneficial to look for a simple yet effective writing tip that can help boost your communication skills and ace the Pearson Test of English Writing Section. For instance, check out these study guidelines on how to use participial prepositions.

Pearson Test of English

Participial Prepositions

A participial preposition is a participle (verbs ending with –ing) that functions as a preposition in a sentence. When using participial prepositions, make sure that the sentence contains a subject to avoid dangling prepositions. Consider the following examples:

Sitting under the table, my father noticed that the floor is moving.

Sitting under the table, noticed the floor is moving.

Notice that the first sentence contains a participial preposition sitting because it conveys the action of the subject my father. On the other hand, the second sentence contains a dangling preposition sitting because there is no subject mentioned in the sentence.

Common Participial Prepositions

Using participial prepositions in the Pearson Test of English Writing Test enables you to showcase a wide range of linguistic skills as well as to present your critical points and supporting details properly. To guide you more, below are some examples of participial prepositions:

• Assuming is a participial preposition used for the purpose of an argument to state a premise on which a statement can be based.

Assuming that there is one functioning traffic manager in a cluster, all traffic IP addresses remain reachable.

• Considering is a participial preposition used to show a specific fact or to make a statement about an issue or topic.

The government is considering new laws and regulations which will further restrict people’s access to firearms.

• During is a participial preposition used to indicate that something happens in a sentence.

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• Following is a participial preposition used to tell the result of the event.

Following the weeks of negotiations, the government has finally announced its decision.

• Including is a participial preposition used to mention that something or someone belongs to a particular group.

The suspect has admitted committing numerous crimes, including two murders.

• Excluding is used when not including someone or something.

Excluding acquisitions, sales would have risen six percent in local areas.

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