How to Use the Toulmin Method in the PTE Writing Test

PTE Writing Test: Essay

In this writing test, you will be asked to write an argumentative essay (200–300 words) in response to a writing prompt. You have 20 minutes to construct your answer. This writing test measures your ability to develop and organize ideas, present supporting details, and control the elements of standard written English.

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As a student enrolled in PTE online packages, it is essential to look for writing strategies and techniques that can help enhance not only your writing but also your reasoning skills. For instance, using the Toulmin method is an effective writing strategy when constructing an argumentative essay.

The Toulmin Method

The Toulmin method, developed by philosopher Stephen Toulmin, is a complex argumentation structure that allows you to present your arguments clearly and accurately. When using this method, you need to prepare all of your ideas and explanations about the topic that you will discuss in your argumentative essay. The goal of the Toulmin method is to persuade the reader that your argument is reasonable and effective.

Do you want to know more? For test takers enrolled in a PTE online review program, the following are the six elements included in the Toulmin Method:

1. Claim – The claim is your essay’s main argument. It contains the statement that you want your readers to accept and believe.

2. Grounds – The grounds are any fact, data, and other documents upon which the claim is based. This element also functions as the supporting evidence to the claim of your argumentative essay.

3. Warrant – For test takers enrolled in PTE online packages, the warrant is a statement that connects the claim to the presented grounds in an argumentative essay. This element answers the question, “Why does the (fact, data or document) support your claim?”

4. Backing – The backing is an element of the Toulmin method that gives an additional support to the warrant of your argumentative essay. It also justifies the connection of the grounds to the claim of your essay.

5. Qualifiers – A qualifier limits your claim by placing conditions on the arguments that do not fully support the claim. This element strengthens your claim by helping your reader understand the overall point of your essay.

6. Rebuttal – The rebuttal is a statement that addresses the opposing views of your arguments. This element also tells the reader that your claim is more convincing than the opposing argument.

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