How to Ace the PTE Writing Test: Summarize Written Text

PTE Writing Test: Summarize Written Text

With the main purpose of measuring your ability to construct a concise and well-organized summary of information from a given reading passage, this PTE writing test will have you read a text of up to 300 words. Your task is to write a summary of a given text in a complete, single sentence of no more than 75 words. You have 10 minutes to complete the task.

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5 Practical Tips for the PTE Writing Test: Summarize Written Text

As a student in a PTE online course review program, it is essential to develop a test-taking strategy that can help you get a high band score in this writing task. To help you achieve this, check out these five practical tips for this PTE writing test:

1. Get the main idea of the text

Skim through the text properly. Look for essential key points about the text and write them down on a notepad (small whiteboard like) provided by the PTE examiner. Doing this gives you a better understanding of the main idea of the text.

2. Learn how to paraphrase a text

Paraphrasing involves reorganizing a text in your own words. To do this effectively, substitute some words in the text with their synonyms or rearrange their sentence structure. When paraphrasing a text, make sure that the main idea still remains in each sentence. You can practice paraphrasing some reading passages in your PTE online course review sessions.

3. Use a compound or a complex sentence.

Since your response must be expressed in one sentence, you will need to use a complex or compound sentence to summarize the main idea of the text briefly. In compound sentences, you can add more than one subject or predicate in your response. In complex sentences, you can combine an independent clause with at least one dependent clause. Using compound and complex sentences broadens your options.

4. Use the FANBOYS connectors

Using coordinating conjunctions is the best way to connect compound sentences and avoid using unnecessary punctuations. These words can be simply remembered using the acronym:

F – For

A – And

N – Nor

B – But

O – Or

Y – Yet

S – So

You can practice using these coordinating conjunctions in PTE online review package sessions.

5. Proofread your answer

After writing your response, make sure that it is in the correct form. Check for punctuations, spelling, or any other grammatical errors and revise them appropriately.

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