How to Ace the PTE Speaking Test: Repeat Sentence

PTE Speaking Test: Repeat Sentence

Repeating sentences is one of the challenging tasks of the PTE speaking test as it measures your ability to comprehend and remember a sentence, and then repeat it just exactly as you hear it. As a student enrolled in a PTE online review program, it is important to know the test format and guidelines of this speaking item. To help you achieve this, here are the things that you need to know about the PTE speaking test – repeat sentence:

Test format:               In this speaking task, you will see an audio recorder box. A recording will start to play and you will hear a sentence being read aloud. When the recording ends, you must wait until the microphone turns red, and you have to repeat the sentence just exactly as you heard it. You are not allowed to replay the audio, and you can only record your response once.

Skills assessed:        Listening and Speaking.

Number of items:    10–12 items

Prompt length:         Each sentence recording will run for 3–9 seconds (listening time). You have 15 seconds to repeat the sentence (response time). However, if you remain silent during the response time, the microphone will stop recording after 3 seconds).

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How to Ace the PTE Speaking Test: Repeat Sentence

For test takers who want to boost their PTE online review preparation and ace this speaking task, read and follow these two speaking tips:

1. Listen to the phrasing of the sentence.

Since you will be scored on the correct word sequences, you must pay attention to the phrasing of the sentence. To guide you more, check out this example:

Today’s meeting / was moved / next week.

There are three phrases in the sentence, separated by /, and each one carries a separate meaning. These are called meaningful phrases that make up the whole sentence. As you listen to the recording, make sure that you identify the meaningful phrases of the sentence.

2. Mimic the stress and intonation patterns of the sentence

Remember how the speaker uses stress and intonation patterns in the recording. These patterns can also help convey the meaning of the sentence. When you start recording your answer, imitate how the speaker utters each word in the sentence. As you copy the speaker’s stress and intonation, make sure that you speak calmly and clearly. You can also practice this speaking tip in your PTE online review training.

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