How to Ace Reorder Paragraphs Questions in the PTE Reading Test

The Reading sub-test is arguably the most challenging part of the PTE examination. One efficient way to prepare for this sub-test is by enrolling in a PTE review center. In Baguio, instructors recommend their students to look for various techniques that can help them improve their reading skills. Aside from note-taking and using your preferred learning style, you can also search for examination strategies to help you increase your chance of getting a high score in your PTE examination. Learning how to ace the reorder paragraphs questions in the reading sub-test is a great tip that you can apply during your PTE examination.

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Reordering paragraphs is a type of reading question that requires you to analyze random passages that you need to reorganize in their proper order. In this PTE reading sub-test question, you will meet several text boxes that will appear on the screen in random order. Your task is to put all the text boxes in the right order. The text is usually up to 150 words. Here are practical techniques on how to ace the reorder paragraphs questions in PTE reading sub-test that you can apply in your PTE course review program:

  • Search for the opening sentence

The opening sentence is usually where the central point or the main idea is mentioned. To find the opening sentence, you need to read all the text boxes and look for proper nouns like the name of a person, place or thing. Proper nouns are often used in opening statements in paragraphs.

  • Find keywords and key phrases

Looking for keywords or key phrases in each text boxes can help you understand the flow of each paragraph. Keywords and key phrases are words or group of words that are always present in each text box.

  • Check for transition words

You can also look for transition words or phrases like however, moreover, for instance, furthermore, in addition to this, and others as these are always used when adding new paragraphs or concluding texts.

  • Keep an eye on pronouns and articles

As you read each text box, check the pronouns such as them, him, her, it and others as then can hint on which text box should come first. You can also look for articles like the, a and an as they are usually used with proper nouns commonly located at the beginning of the paragraph.

  • Read the texts after reordering the paragraphs

After rearranging the paragraph, read the text carefully to check if you reordered them properly. Practice reordering and reading a text as fast and as efficiently as you can during your PTE course program. This can help save you valuable time that you can then spend on other parts of the PTE exam.

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