Good Writers vs. Bad Writers

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Good Writers vs Bad Writers

The Difference between Good and Bad Writers

Your attitude toward writing can significantly affect the value of your composition. It is important that you stay driven to write. More importantly, determine what keeps you from successfully expressing your thoughts through compositions.

Are you a good writer or a bad writer? Here is a quick run through of the difference between the two.

Good Writers Bad Writers
Good writers practice their written communication skills. They find time to craft the message, write, and edit the final output.


Bad writers do not allocate time to hone their writing skills.
Good writers listen and accept constructive criticism to further develop their writing style and the quality of their composition. They are open to learning.


Bad writers do not accept criticisms. They shoot down the opinion of other people and think that their work is already good enough.


Good writers do not settle for mediocrity. They continue to look for ways to improve their writing skills until they develop their own writing style. Bad writers remain contented with what they already have. They lack the drive to improve their skills.
Good writers believe in their writing skills. They know that they can, and so they will. Bad writers do not believe in themselves. They are always the first person to bring themselves down.


Good writers do not aim for perfection. They understand the beauty and the lesson that comes with committing writing mistakes. They use these lessons to improve Their writing style. Bad writers quickly get disappointed because they aim for perfection. When disappointment comes, they beat themselves for not meeting their own standard.


Discipline, passion, and creativity are the keys to improving your writing skills. Enhance your writing skills and imbue yourself with the attitudes of a good writer with the help of PTE review in Davao.

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