Five PTE Review Center Tips for the Speaking Test: Repeat Sentence

Repeat Sentence task is probably one of the most challenging components of the PTE Speaking Test. For this speaking task, the speaker will read out different sentences. Your task is to repeat each sentence in 15 seconds. Repeat sentence task consists of 10 to 12 items.

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If you’re a student enrolled in a PTE center, it is beneficial that you seek different test-taking tips and strategies that can help enhance your exam preparation and ace this speaking test. For instance, check out these amazing tips on how to get a high band score in the repeat sentence task.

Five PTE Review Center tips for the Speaking Test: Repeat Sentence

In order to successfully ace this part of the exam, below are five test-taking strategies that you can use during the speaking test.

1. Read the instructions

The PTE Speaking Test: Repeat Sentence consists of the following guidelines:

When the audio finishes, the microphone activates and the recording status box will display: “Recording”. Speak into the microphone immediately and repeat exactly what you have heard.

Finish speaking before the progress bar reaches the end. The word “Recording” will then change to “Completed”.

Keep in mind that you will not be able to replay the audio clip, thus you are only able to record your responses once.

2. Listen to the phrasing

Because you will be scored based on the correct word sequences, pay attention to the phrasing of the sentences in the audio clips. To guide you more, here is an example:

The meeting / was canceled / due to heavy rain.

Notice that there are three phrases; each phrase holds a specific meaning. These are called meaningful phrases that make up the whole meaning of the sentence. As you listen to each audio clip, make sure that you have identified the meaningful phrases.

3. Mimic the stress and intonation patterns

Make a mental imprint of the way the speaker uses stress and intonation in the audio clip. Doing this can help you remember the sentence clearly. Your review classes in a PTE center is the perfect place to practice copying stress and intonation of various audio recordings.

4. Manage your time

Maximize the allotted time on each audio clip. Because you will be given 15 seconds to listen to the recording, use this time to determine the main idea of the audio clip. Don’t waste any second as it might cause you to lose a point.

5. Speak clearly

As you record your responses, relax and speak clearly. Focus on repeating the exact words and phrases you have heard in the audio clip. Don’t worry if you stutter. Continue repeating the sentences before the recording time ends.

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