How Complacency Kills Your Chances of PTE Success

Complacency is a serious threat to your PTE preparations. Because, while confidence is key to success, too much of it can definitely ruin your chances of reaching your desired test results. Read on to find out what makes complacency such a dangerous mindset and how you can combat it.


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Complacency Is a Trap

The thing that makes complacency dangerous is that it usually happens after you accomplish a goal. You overcome a difficult challenge, and you bask in the euphoria that comes with your success. Because, why not? You earned it after all.

You take a well-deserved break from your studies, confident in the knowledge that you now know enough, proven by your success, and the next thing you know, you are having a hard time getting back to your study mindset. You find yourself making excuses like “I got a high score in my PTE trial exam” and “my instructor said I got this” to put off your review.

Complacency is a trap, an invisible threat. It is hard to pinpoint especially if you have a recent success to back up your rest period. Complacency reduces the urge to improve your knowledge and hone your abilities—a dangerous mindset for a PTE test taker.

Consequences of Complacency

As you progress in your PTE academic review and check off tasks in your list one after the other, complacency slowly begins to creep in. You might not notice it right away, but if you catch yourself with the following signs, beware! You are being complacent!

• You lose your drive to study.

• You lose your drive to study.

• You tolerate your poor performance.

• You become overconfident with your abilities.

• You waste time and money—especially if you are taking PTE review classes.


Combatting Complacency

Making sure that you do not become complacent during your PTE review requires discipline and self-awareness. Maintain your study momentum with these tips.

• Enjoy your successes but do not stop. You can treat yourself or lighten your study load for the day, but do not stop your PTE review.

• Enjoy your successes but do not stop. You can treat yourself or lighten your study load for the day, but do not stop your PTE review.

• Let your poor performance challenge you. Complacency can make you tolerate your poor performance making you think that you can do better when you take the real thing. Do not succumb to this mindset. If you had gotten low results on your last mock test, strive to do better.

• Replace your accomplished goal immediately. This will help you avoid staying in the “now what?” moment.

• Surround yourself with the right people. Studies show that complacency is contagious. So, avoid spending time with complacent people.

• Go big. Complacency encourages people to accomplish the minimum. Why do you have to allot a day to your PTE review when you do not have to? Steer clear of this mindset by doing your best to everything you do.

Do not be complacent during your test preparations. Remember, your PTE results can change your life. Make the most out of your PTE review course to ensure PTE success.

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