Best PTE Online Course Review Tips: How to Use the One-minute Paper

Looking for practical ways to boost your exam preparation? Aside from enrolling in the best PTE online course review program and attending a comprehensive group study, it is also essential to look for a great learning activity that you can use during your study time. For instance, check out these study tips on how to use the one-minute paper.

best PTE online course review

One-minute Paper

The one-minute paper is a short writing activity that involves students generating answers in response to the questions asked by the teacher regarding the learning material taught in class. In study groups, this writing activity is an effective way of involving everyone to participate in discussions. Do you want to use the one-minute paper in your PTE review online? Read and follow these four simple steps:

Step 1: Choose a text

The one-minute paper is best suited for texts containing several main ideas and supporting details. In choosing a text, make sure that it has many headings and subheadings as well as keywords and key phrases.

Step 2: Skim the text

Skim the text to understand its overall gist. List down all the critical points that you found in the text. Use the listing note-taking method to organize your notes properly. Don’t forget to check your notes if you have included all the critical points in the text.

Step 3: Prepare the questions

When preparing questions for this short writing activity, consider the following points:

Prepare at least one question for each paragraph in the text

The questions must be specific and open-ended.

Use your notes as your guide when preparing the questions.

Place at least one keyword or key phrase in each question.

Don’t include questions that are only answerable by yes or no.

Step 4: Construct your answers

When constructing your answers for each question, read and follow these simple guidelines in your PTE online review:

Get a piece of paper and a timer.

Set the timer for one minute.

When the timer starts, read the question.

Write down your answer before the timer ends.

Once you’re done, proceed to the next question.

Set the timer for one minute once again.

One final reminder: The one-minute paper also works perfectly for two students reviewing their notes. One student prepares the questions while the other answers the questions.

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