PTE Hacks: Best Mobile Applications for Studying

PTE Academic measures your listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills. There are over 150 test locations in the world to cater to test-takers in different areas. PTE Academic instructors utilize the most up-to-date learning resources to make sure that students acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to attain their score goal.

Mobile Applications for Studying

Attending classes in the PTE review in Makati can guarantee that you will obtain a quality education. However, aside from engaging in training programs in the PTE review, it is also crucial that you employ self-study strategies. Here are some mobile applications that you can utilize to aid your PTE preparation.

  • Calendar
    Install a timetable on your phone to help guide you on plotting your review schedule and other tasks that you need to accomplish. Doing so will keep you on track. You can set reminders for yourself for tasks you still need to do or events you need to go to by setting up alarms.
  • Notepad
    This application is useful when jotting down notes. Some digital notepads also have a checklist feature that allows you to list down tasks you need to accomplish for the day and mark them as you finish. This way, you can monitor which lessons you still need to review.
  • Document reader
    There are downloadable learning modules and practice tests that you can view wherever you are as long as you have your digital device with you. Thus, it is useful to install a document reader so you can read files on your device. It also saves you from the hassle of printing educational materials.
  • Google drive
    Mobile devices have limited storage capacity. Google drive allows you to store files up to 15 GB and share documents to other people. You can stock review materials on your drive and view it anytime on your device.
  • Vocabulary builder
    Install English vocabulary builder applications on your device to make learning more fun. You can visit the application during your free time. Not only will you enjoy playing, but it also helps expand your grammar and vocabulary.
  • Educative applications
    There are various applications developed by colleges and universities from which you can watch videos of classroom lectures and download learning modules. You can watch tutorials while on the transit or during your free time to expand your knowledge. These kinds of applications also give you a sneak peek of how lectures are done in English-speaking communities.

Dedicate your vacant periods to more valuable activities. Maximize the features of your mobile devices by installing useful applications that can guide you on your PTE journey.

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