Thank you first and foremost to almighty God for giving me and lending his wisdom, strength, clear mind and guidance and also for the light into my darkness path. I can’t believe that I passed my PTE Exam in my second take. Thank you also for my family and loved ones for the never ending support for my dreams and lastly for JRooz Review Center especially Sir Jovan and Ma’am Jovan for teaching us test-taking strategies and to Ma’am Mae who assisted me for inquiries and booking my exam. Thank you very much and more power to you all.

Arbas, Michael

Thanks JRooz for providing their student enough review materials and for the tips! God bless.

Emmanuel Jay Abaricia

JRooz help me a lot on my PTE exam, I will recommend JRooz to my friend if they taking IELTS or PTE exam. Thank you po.

Edgar Santiago

Thank you JRooz for assisting in during my exam and assisting in fixing my account.

Jinny Manaois

Hi JRooz family thank you for the full support I was able to make PTE exam sucessfully I’ve reach my overall score. It was 10 days of intensive hardwork studies and trainings; however, it paid off. To my instructors, Ms. Dhana and Sir Joven thank you for making complicated things simple and easy. They taught us tips on how to aim for our target scores. To the JRooz team, God Bless and thank you all.

Malou Mae Jaron

Thank you JRooz especially to Ms. Lynde for her help and encouragement throughout my PTE review session. The mock tests and one-on-one coaching were really helpful

Ariele Ann Alfon

Thank you JRooz for helping me get a perfect 90 overall score in my PTE Academic exam! I definitely did not expect this and would not have achieved this without your encouragement.

Meryl Phyllis Chua

Thank you JRooz for the support and help that you provided to me. My determination and your support and encouragement were the key to my success.

Rudson Al Barcoma

Thank you so much JRooz Makati for the lectures, tips and strategies! It all helped.
I remember during thefirst mock exam, I had a difficult time describing images. But thanks to your training, it was the highest score that I got!Like what you always say at JRooz: focus + strategies + review/prayers = success.It’s a good thing that I chose JRooz. The review was worth it!

Chalemagne Acojido

Thank you JRooz for teaching us. I learned many things about the English language. Coming to JRooz Review Center was indeed a good experience for me. More power and God bless!

Charito Bicaldo