English assessment PTE. Some say you don’t need to have review classes for the PTE because it’s easy, but I told myself otherwise. I challenged myself to enter JRooz Review Center in order to enhance more my English fluency and for preparing for the PTE examinations.
All of the review materials helped especially the mock exams and coaching. The coaches were very precise in giving advice and recommending what to do in taking the PTE exam successfully. My biggest thanks to Sir Eman and Ma’am Neri for guiding me in my journey for PTE along the way. I did not expect that the result of my PTE will be above my target score 7.0! It is amazing how you and your coaches worked hard to achieve it. I would definitely recommend this review center to my colleagues. Thanks also to the friendly and pretty Ms. Mae from marketing for assisting with my inquiries.
Thanks again to JRooz Review Center family and God bless!

Pineda, Tobee Justin

I wouldn’t have achieved more than the scores that I needed (I only need 65 in all subcomponents) if not for the useful tips and strategies that my instructors, Ma’am Neri and Sir Emman taught me. I would also like to commend the efforts of Ma’am Mae, who answered all of my queries patiently and assisted me until I booked my exam. Kudos to all of you guys!!

Fernandez, Sharmaine

I would like to say thank you to JRooz especially to Sir Emman, Ma’am Sybil, Sir Junie and Ma’am Neri for helping me prepare for the PTE exam and for pushing me to my limit. I wouldn’t have done it without them. Thank you very much

Duque, Miguel

I would like to thank JRooz for assigning to our evening class a very competent instructor, in the person of Ms. Neri, who provided us with extremely helpful strategies for the PTE Academic. Thanks also for the efforts of Ms. Mae who was relentless in following me up to register for the review class. For those who are planning to take the exam, I highly recommend JRooz for your PTE Academic review. Well done JRooz team! Cheers!

Saniel, Michael

I would like to thank JRooz for helping me prepare for my PTE exam. Just got my results and I must say all the techniques they teach are very effective. The review is just for 10 days but Sir Emman managed to teach us everything we need to know. I am so thankful that I got scores higher than my required scores. I will definitely recommend JRooz to my friends who are planning to take the PTE.

Supnet, Paul

Thanks to Ms. May, Ms. Neri, Ms. Lani and Sir Emman for their continous assistance and guidance during my review in JRooz . All glory to God because I passed the PTE Academic Examination with an overall score of 64 . It wouldn’t be possible without your great help. Thank you for being part of my success.
More power and may the grace and blessings of our dear God be with you always. Thank you.

Villanueva, Grace

I was confident in taking the English test because of the patience and diligence of all the JRooz PTE teachers, co-teachers and staff. I’m so happy with the result as it was higher than I expected. I owe you my future

Nieva, Anna May

Thanks for JRooz Review Center family for helping me pass the PTE Academic! Sepcial mention to Ma’am Neri and Ma’am Mae! More power to your great and helpful institution!

Tannaga, Nathan Bruce

My warmest gratitude to my JRooz Makati PTE family especially Ma’am Neri for guiding me throughout the review period as well as for enhancing my skills and providing different practices that helps me familiarize with the PTE exam. Your tips and strategies aid in simplifying the complexity of the course. It was indeed a grateful & fun experience with everyone!

Fonacier, Juan Miguel

To my PTE instructors it was an awesome experience for me. Thank you for the strategies that you taught us, especially the real explanation why I’ve lost points on the mock test. Your coaching prowess gave me constructive advice on how to improve my work. And I did pass the exam. I will recommend JRooz Review Center to my colleagues who want to take PTE in the near future. Kudos to us all. Job well done JRooz!

Tubig, Caryl