JRooz Review Center offers a very comprehensive review program for PTE. They have a flexible schedule and their instructors are very professional. They will help you in every step of the way in reaching your goal. PTE review is more of refining the skills that you have. I took their review program for one week unfortunately, I needed to leave the country for my work. It took me another 8 weeks before I took the exam. I am so glad that I’ve passed. Equipped with the skills and techniques that they have taught me, I came prepared and passed the exam with flying colors. I highly recommend Jrooz PTE Review for those who are planning to take the PTE exam.

Brian Dela Cruz

Thank you very much Ma’am Divine, Sir Jovan and the rest of the JRooz family. The practice sets and one-on-one coaching really helped me to not just pass the exam but also score 90! Thank you and may you continue to be a blessing to others.

Romelle Michael Silva

I am truly grateful to the staff of JRooz Review Center for giving me the necessary and helpful information all throughout my PTE review especially to Sir Palle, who is very accommodating and passionate during my 10-day review. I will never forget this and will recommend this review center to my friends and relatives. Thank you and more power!

Nicole Prussa Abortol

I want to thank JRooz Review Center – Davao, especially Sir Pal, for mentoring and guiding me to reach my target score. The JRooz team is very approachable, guiding me from day 1 until I booked my PTE exam in Manila. All the review materials, especially the one-on-one coaching and mock exams were very helpful.

Maryelle Abaya

Nothing but absolute appreciation for the JRooz PTE Cebu team. I came across their profile while Googling PTE Cebu review and their page appeared first. When they told me I can get discount on the exam if I do review with them, I immediately grabbed the opportunity. And with no regrets, I was able to exceed my target score. Thank you JRooz PTE Cebu for helping me be closer to my goals! God bless and more power!

Nathalie Grace Suarez Lajara

Thank you JRooz for helping me succeed in my PTE exam! You definitely gave me confidence to take the test after only less than 10 days’ worth of training. Thank you. I am now one step away from my dream. All the best!

April Marie Ynclino

Thank you JRooz! I already got my ratings and it’s more than I’m aiming for. Thank you for helping me prepare for the PTE exam. You have great facilities and an accommodating staff. I’ll surely recommend JRooz to my family and friends who are planning to have their review. To Ms. Yen, Sir Leo & Sir Perry, thank you a lot! Your team is part of my success. More power JRooz!

Jovenal Cornelia Jr.

Thank you to the JRooz team especially to my teacher, Ma’am Rachelle, for being strict when needed, and for being honest when pointing out our mistakes to help us. I only needed a score 65, but I exceeded my required score. Thank you and God bless!

Alyssa Morada

JROOZ review center helped me a lot in terms of time management and ways to handle every part of the exam. Given that I only reviewed for a week, my hands-on training plus one on one coaching aided me to aim my desired score. Thank you JROOZ especially to Miss Yza, I’m now a step closer toward reaching my goals. More power!

Maricel Quitilen

Thank you JRooz for the new techniques and ideas that I’ve learned from you guys especially Sir Emman. Thank you so much for your guidance. Because of your help I have achieved my goal. Thank you once again

Kaur, Maninder