JRooz PTE Academic provides a comprehensive training course that helps test takers go over and beyond their PTE score goals. The PTE Academic preparatory program guarantees their students’ exam success by featuring quality review materials and up-to-date mock examinations—all delivered by experienced PTE review center instructors. To better serve students from all over the country, PTE Academic Center now has branches in Makati, Manila, Quezon City, Baguio, and Cebu!


As the leading provider of PTE review in the country, PTE Academic Center upholds quality and affordability in all its training practices. From the review materials and simulation exams to the training facilities and PTE mentors, all of these characteristics translate to all aspects of the PTE course we offer.


Being the best PTE review center, providing high-end training to students all over the country, PTE Academic offers a competitive yet affordable PTE course specially developed to help test takers achieve the highest exam score possible by dissecting and discussing all aspects of the PTE Academic exam. The instructors of PTE Academic Review Center—in all of its five branches across the country—teach test takers all about the exam’s coverage, time limits, requirements, critical points and test types.


JRooz’s PTE review center course is given by accomplished PTE experts who know the high-stakes exam inside out—not only through research and training but also through personal experience. PTE Center’s instructors were also PTE test takers before—examinees who passed the exam with flying colors. As the best PTE review center in Makati, Davao, Manila, Baguio, and Cebu, our PTE Academic instructors will not only guide you through the components of the PTE assessment, but they can also provide techniques and test-taking strategies on the critical points of the exam.


PTE Academic Center offers PTE review schedules that can cater to all your test preparation needs at your most convenient time. Aside from lessons about the test contents, the PTE Academic program in our PTE review centers in Makati, Davao, Manila, Baguio, and Cebu also includes periodic English proficiency evaluations and tailored coaching sessions.


Unlike other PTE centers in the Philippines, the PTE course JRooz offers does not only seek to make test takers PTE-ready but also aims to arm them with practical English communication skills. Our intensive review program can help exam takers hone their grammar, verbal fluency, pronunciation, vocabulary, and written discourse abilities.

Enroll at PTE Academic Center with branches in Makati, Davao, Manila, Quezon City, Baguio, and Cebu, and level up your PTE preparation!