A Guide to Ace the PTE Reading Test: Fill in the Blanks

Fill in the blanks is one of the tasks in the PTE reading test. In this reading task, test takers will see 4–5 texts (80 words each) with six blank text boxes; each box represents a missing word. Then, you have a list of words in the blue box that you can use to fill the gaps in each text. The task is to choose the correct word to complete the text. As a student enrolled in one of the best PTE online course review programs, it is vital to look for practical tips that can help boost your reading skills and ace the examination.

PTE online review package

To guide you on how to boost your reading skills, here are three essential points that you must apply in your PTE online review package:

– Read and engage with academic articles every day to build up your vocabulary. You can also check unfamiliar words in the dictionary and make your own vocabulary list of newly learned words that includes their meanings, synonyms, and sample sentences on how it is used.

– Practice to read a text comprehensively and then try to summarize the main idea of the text. Doing this will increase your reading speed rate and comprehension ability.

– Learning about collocations will also help develop your reading skills. Collocation refers to a group of words that usually go together in a text. Identifying collocations while reading a text will help you learn new words in larger groups or “chunks” of language.

Although improving your reading skills in one of the best PTE online course review programs is essential to ace this reading task, it is also important to seek for test-taking strategies that can help you get your PTE score goal. To help you achieve this, read and follow these seven tips on how to ace this reading task:

1. Quickly skim each text to get their overall topic.

2. Give attention to the words that you often hear or see in a text

3. Read the text slowly and find out what part of speech is missing.

4. When putting a word in a blank text box, check if it links well with the other words in the text.

5. If the word does not fit well, pick another option that is similar to your first choice.

6. Move to the next blank text box if you can’t find the correct word, come back to it later.

7. After you have filled all the blanks, read the entire text and check if the text is grammatically correct.

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