8 PTE Review Center Tips for the Speaking Section

PTE Speaking Section

As one of the sections of the Pearson Test of English, the speaking test assesses your ability to practice spoken English in an educational setting. Aside from enrolling in a review center and joining a study group, it is beneficial to seek different review tips and strategies that can help enhance your exam preparation and ace the speaking test. To help you achieve this, below are practical test-taking tips that you can apply during the exam.

PTE review center

8 PTE Review Center Tips for the Speaking Section

Do you want to earn a high band score in this PTE component? Read and follow these eight awesome tips for the speaking test:

1. Read the instructions

The PTE Speaking Section consists of the following instructions:

Do not start speaking before the microphone is activated because your voice will not be recorded.

Finish speaking before the progress bar reaches the end.

You are only able to record your responses once.

If you remain silent for longer than three seconds, the recording will stop.

2. Identify the different speaking tasks

There are six speaking tasks in the PTE Speaking Section. These are:

• Personal Introduction – you will have 25 seconds to read and analyze a personal question and prepare your answer, and then an additional 30 seconds to record your response. This speaking task is not scored.

• Read Aloud – your task is to read different texts aloud from the computer screen.

• Repeat Sentence – you will hear the speaker reading out random sentences. Your goal is to repeat each sentence in 15 seconds.

• Describe Image – your task is to describe an image displayed on the screen.

• Re-tell Lecture – you will listen to an audio clip about an academic lecture accompanied by an image for better understanding. Your task is to re-tell the lecture in your own words.

• Answer Short Question – your task is to answer a question briefly.

3. Apply a note-taking strategy

For each speaking task, prepare your responses by using a note-taking technique. During your PTE Cebu review classes, look for the best note-taking strategy that you can use in the speaking test.

4. Maximize your time

Time management plays a crucial role in the PTE Speaking Section. To guide you more, read and follow these two simple points:

Maximize the preparation time to organize your responses properly.

Make the most of the recording time to record your responses for each speaking test.

5. Speak clearly

For each speaking task, enunciate the words and phrases clearly. There is no need to rush as it might affect your overall PTE score. Your PTE Cebu review class is the best place to boost your speaking skills.

6. Stress the words that carry important information

When recording your responses, stress the words and phrases that carry important information. Doing this enables you to present your arguments, opinions, and supporting details clearly.

7. Use the rising and falling intonation

For each speaking task, rising your tone at the beginning of the recording and falling tone at the end of the sentence will make the sentences sound natural and clear.

8. Understand the PTE Speaking Scoring Criteria

The PTE Speaking Test consists of the following scoring criteria:

• Content – the content of your responses will be marked based on 0 (lowest) to 5 (highest) scoring scale.

• Pronunciation – is measured by clear and natural articulation which is understandable to a native English speaker.

• Oral Fluency – is assessed by the flow of the responses and the correct use of the language.

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