Writing Hacks: 7 Attention-grabbing Intros for Your Essay

Essay writing is a staple component in any English proficiency evaluation exam. It not only evaluates an examinee’s writing skills accurately, but it also measures his/her current affairs knowledge objectively.

In the Pearson Test of English exam’s essay writing activity, examinees are given 20 minutes to accomplish a given task. PTE courses, like those offered in the JRooz review center, prepare test takers for this part by teaching them how to identify the pros and cons of a scenario strategically, determine the causes and effects of a given situation accurately, and express their opinion about a social issue critically.

Attention-grabbing Intros

Many Pearson Test of English test takers would argue that constructing the introduction is the most challenging part of essay writing. Not only must it capture the reader’s interest but it must also introduce the topic creatively. To help you start off your compositions with a bang, here are seven attention-grabbing ways to introduce your essay.

  1. State a compelling fact about your topic. Give your essay substance on the get-go by providing background information in your introduction. Reference statistic reports, scientific studies, and nationwide polls to establish context. Present trivia and other interesting information to pique your reader’s curiosity.
  2. Start with a seemingly extraneous statement. The more deceptively irrelevant your opening information is, the more interesting it will be to connect it to your topic. For example, if you are tasked to discuss the benefits of abortion, you can start your essay by telling the story of someone successful. Then, emphasize how abortion can erase this individual’s revolutionary contributions had his/her parents decided to have him/her aborted.
  3. Pitch a thought-provoking question. It could be something deep like a philosophical musing or something witty like a riddle then link it to your topic. Make your readers challenge conventions and question widely accepted practices, then channel their attention toward your subject.
  4. Mention a recent event that is relevant to your case point. If you are going to discuss a timely issue in your essay like the death penalty, you can start off your composition by mentioning a recent development about the controversial law. Present the general details of the event and how it affects your subject.
  5. Share an interesting anecdote. Think about your experiences and select a memory that you can relate to your topic. While it is expected that you pick out a memory that is directly related to your topic, choosing one that is deceptively irrelevant to your subject is also recommended as long as you can connect it to your subject.
  6. Illustrate the past and present differences of your subject. One of the ways you can execute this introduction technique is by sharing a past story using the present tense. Recollect a memory as vividly as you can. Then, end your story by revealing the exact time the event happened.
  7. Make an observation. The act of pinpointing something so obvious and twisting it into something uncanny is one of the most compelling ways to start off an essay. For instance, if you are tackling the prevalence of fake news, you can start your essay by mentioning the inclination of netizens to share something exceptional regardless of its authenticity.

When writing an essay, it is crucial that you reel in your readers from the first sentence. A boring introduction can lessen the impact of a well-constructed composition. Enhance your essay and capture your reader’s attention using the introduction approaches mentioned above. Discover more attention-grabbing intros by enrolling in JRooz review center’s PTE courses.

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