5 Voice-Ruining Habits You Need to Quit

If you’re one of those people who doesn’t think much about taking care of their voice, you need to drop this mindset. Your voice is your primary communication tool. Without it, you’ll have a hard time getting your message across to other people.

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5 Habits That Are Ruining Your Voice

As a PTE test taker, it’s even more vital that you take care of your voice. A healthy voice is easier to modulate during the speaking test. So, take active measures to preserve your voice during your PTE review. Start by breaking these voice-ruining habits.

1. Yelling and screaming

If you are prone to shouting or screaming during emotional or high-pressure situations, you need to curb these tendencies. Both can strain, weaken, and damage your vocal cords. Stop abusing your voice. Unless the situation demands it, avoid raising your voice.

2. Clearing your Throat

Doing this often damages your vocal cords. If it’s flu season and you’re suffering from a terrible phlegm build-up, resist clearing your throat and coughing. Instead, drink a lot of fluids to rinse down the phlegm. As gross as swallowing mucus is, it’ll actually heal your throat faster.

3. Not drinking enough water

Dehydrated vocal cords are more susceptible to strain and injury. So, make sure you hit your daily water quota. If you’re one of those people who forget to take water breaks when they’re studying, here are some tips for you:

  • Set alarms to alert you of your water breaks.
  • Keep track of your daily water intake.
  • Add fresh fruits to your water to make it more appealing.
  • Keep your water bottle near you during your PTE center classes.

4. Drinking a lot of caffeinated and alcoholic beverages

It’s okay to drink coffee and other caffeinated drinks to jumpstart your PTE review—provided, of course, that you don’t go overboard. Doing so could severely dehydrate your throat and make it easier to mess up your vocal cords. The same applies to drinking alcoholic beverages.

5. Speaking nonstop

If your job requires you to use your voice a lot, or you just like talking in general, make sure you give your voice time to rest. Overusing your voice often can deal permanent damage on your vocal cords.

Don’t take your voice for granted. Even if you don’t depend on it the way a singer, a radio host, or a voice actor does, you still need to make an effort to take care of your voice. Remember, a clear and healthy voice is crucial to securing PTE Academic speaking success. So, make sure you are not committing any of these voice-ruining habits.

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